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Entrance Requirements: Students wishing to enter the Freshman class, who have been promoted by the grade school to the ninth grade, will be expected to attend an orientation program held at Elder (see School Calendar). Preregistration is held in early spring. The student’s records of ability and grade school achievement are utilized in the placement process.

Promotion: In order for a student to be promoted to the next higher grade he must fulfill these requirements:


Minimum Credits: Promotion to the Sophomore class requires 5¼ credits; promotion to the Junior class requires 10½ credits; and promotion to the Senior class requires 16 credits. A minimum of 3½ credits must be earned during each of the Freshman and Sophomore academic years for promotion. A minimum of 4 credits must be earned during the Junior year for promotion. The “academic year” is the time between the beginning and end of the school year, as published annually and included in this publication as well as elsewhere. Credits earned in summer school do not count toward the minimum number of credits needed during the regular school year.


Required Subjects: A student must successfully complete required subjects (see Academics, section C-2) in order to graduate. Failures in required subjects must be made up in the Summer Session. If a student should fail three required subjects, he may make up two in the summer session with the understanding that he must make up the third in the following summer session provided he first meets the minimum credit requirements (see Academics, section B-1). A student is not permitted to make up three full credits during one summer.


Summer School: A failure in a subject must be made up in an approved summer school if the subject is required or if the student does not have the necessary credits for promotion to the next class. The subject must be taken in Elder's Summer School if offered. If the subject is not successfully made up, then the student will not be permitted to return to Elder. Students who are in danger of failing must contact the teacher and/or the guidance department to determine if they have failed the course and if the course must be made up in summer school.


Insufficient Credits: Any student who fails to acquire the required number of credits for promotion (see Academics, section B-1) is required to leave Elder.





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