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Program Guide: Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing



A legal entity that owns, is owned, or is commonly owned by or with a party to the agreement. Own means holding or controlling greater than 50 percent of the shares, interests, or assets of a legal entity.

Agreement Number

The unique number Microsoft assigns to the ISV after Microsoft has received the customer’s ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement.

Client Access License (CAL)

A license required for devices or users accessing certain Products.


The ISV entity that has signed the agreement signature form and the company’s affiliates that have been granted rights under the agreement.


A Microsoft authorized Independent Software Vendor distributor of Products. Distributors are only available with the ISV Royalty Program Indirect Channel.  

Effective Date

The date on which the term of a licensing agreement commences—typically the date on which Microsoft accepts the agreement.

Embedded Maintenance

For any underlying Product distributed, the customer’s right to upgrade to the latest version of that Product that the customer makes available to the user as part of the Unified Solution during the covered period.

End User Agreement

The agreement between the customer and a user under which the customer provides the Unified Solution to the user.


Including one or more Products along with the customer’s software (and any third-party software) comprising the Unified Solution either copied onto physical media (for example, CD-ROM) that are labeled and packaged as the customer’s Unified Solution or preinstalled by the customer on a computer system for distribution to a user as part of the Unified Solution.


Independent Software Vendor—an entity that develops commercial software solutions.

ISV Royalty Product List

The statement published quarterly by Microsoft, which identifies the Products available under a Microsoft Volume Licensing program and any Product-specific conditions or limitations on acquiring licenses for the Product. Products must be listed on the ISV Royalty Product List to be eligible for distribution through the ISV Royalty Licensing Program.

Master Copy

A copy of a Product and any related software documentation that Microsoft has released for distribution to the customer.


Microsoft Corporation or the contracting Microsoft affiliate that executes Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements.

Microsoft license terms

Microsoft ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement Program Guide9

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