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Program Guide: Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing

Program Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility for the ISV Royalty Licensing Program

The Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program is a worldwide software licensing program for Microsoft solutions partners that qualify as an ISV.

To participate in the ISV Royalty Licensing Program, you must develop a software Unified Solution that adds primary and significant functionality to the Product(s) so that your solution is not primarily a substitute for the Product. A Unified Solution is the software product that you license to your users that includes one or more Products and may include third-party software.

You must also be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) at any competency level to enroll in the ISV Royalty program. For more information on MPN, visit the MPN website at https://mspartner.microsoft.com/.

Program Requirements

The following are the requirements for participating in the ISV Royalty Licensing Program.

Develop a Unified Solution. Develop a value-added Unified Solution that uses Microsoft Products and adds primary and significant functionality to those Products, and distribute the Unified Solution in a tangible media format. For the most recent ISV Royalty Product List, contact your distributor or use the Document Search at http://www.microsoftvolumelicensing.com/userights/.

Sign a Microsoft Business and Services Agreement.

Link an existing standard Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA) to the ISV Royalty Agreement or sign a new standard MBSA.

Comply with the Microsoft license terms. Incorporate any applicable Microsoft license terms into the End Customer Agreement for the Unified Solution.

Provide technical support. You are responsible for providing technical product support to your users for the Products included in the Unified Solution.

Abide by the correct use of Microsoft’s copyright notice, trademarks, and antipiracy obligations. Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program partners and affiliates must abide by the requirements for preventing the piracy of Products. You must also comply with Microsoft trademark and logo use requirements and pass-through copyright and similar notices. For more information on piracy, visit Microsoft’s piracy website at http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/.

Provide monthly reporting on software licenses. Submit either a monthly royalty report and payment or zero royalty report for all Products that you and your affiliates distributed to your users.

Agree to participate in Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program audits. Microsoft and/or its designees may review your records and facilities (including the data centers) to verify compliance and conduct on-location audits if needed.

Comply with the export requirements.

You need to comply with all applicable export laws. We also recommend that you obtain legal advice regarding the export laws applicable to your business. For informational purposes only, Microsoft has an exporting website on export requirements and other information, including US export regulations, product Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs), and export-restricted products at http://www.microsoft.com/exporting.


To find out the price you are charged for each Product offered through the ISV Royalty Licensing Program, please contact your ISV Royalty Program distributor.

Microsoft ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement Program Guide3

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