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Program Guide: Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing

Under the terms of the ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement, you can license Products as part of your Unified Solution. Microsoft licenses the Products to you, not the user. You become the legal licensor of the entire Unified Solution to the user, including the Products that are part of your Unified Solution so that the user is bound to the Microsoft license terms.

Product Availability

The ISV Royalty Licensing Program offers you access to a wide selection of Products as published in the Product List. The Product List also includes specific conditions or limitations for using particular Products. The following is a list of some of the most popular Products.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft BizTalk Server

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft SharePoint Server

Please note that the Windows Client and Windows Server operating systems are not offered in this program.

Embedded Maintenance

You can give your users the option to upgrade to future Product versions for an annual fee with "Embedded Maintenance." The right to upgrade is limited to new Product versions released during the Embedded Maintenance coverage period. Distribution rights for the Unified Solution apply to Embedded Maintenance for the Unified Solution as well as to the Products within the Unified Solution. Coverage must be renewed annually during the agreement’s term without lapse or the right to upgrade is voided.

Licenses must be enrolled in Embedded Maintenance when the license is originally acquired. Customers that want to upgrade licenses that were not enrolled in Embedded Maintenance at license acquisition must purchase a new license.

Embedded Maintenance can be acquired:

When your end user acquires the Unified Solution or an upgrade to the Unified Solution.

As an annual renewal of coverage without a lapse in coverage.

Only for the Product in the Unified Solution; you cannot sell Embedded Maintenance for a Product alone.

Royalties for Embedded Maintenance

Royalties are due for Embedded Maintenance at the time the license is enrolled. Embedded Maintenance (both new and renewals) is reported to your distributor on the monthly royalty report along with all other license redistributions.

Microsoft ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement Program Guide6

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