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Additional Career Assessment Assistance

The Internet

The Internet is fast becoming the number one source for job search assistance.  It is also full of site that will help you further define your next career move.  Several good sites are:

www.monster.com  Monsterboard is one of the oldest job search sites on the internet.  A must for all job seekers.  They also have a number of links to career assessment advice, testing, etc.

www.careermosaic.com  In November 2000, they are merging with www.headhunter.net.  as of this printing it is unknown what the new site name will be, but typing either of the above sites will bring you there.

www.hotjobs.com get job tips and benefits info. as well as a great site to search for jobs.

www.vault.com general job search site with a lot of good career information.  Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams’ favorite site (so says Vault.com).  Has a book section where you can order from a number of solid career assistance books.  

www.ajb.org this is the Department of Labor’s website.  Not a very exciting site to look at, but more and more companies are starting to post their positions directly on the net, not in their local DOL office.

www.ama.org American Marketing Association site

www.marketingjobs.com job search site with links to career marketing information.

www.oracledba.net supposedly this is the only site on the Internet that is purely for DBA’s

www.operationit.com search jobs.  Read articles from the IT industry.

www.shrm.org Society for Human Resources Management.  Great articles and links even if you’re not a member.

www.astd.org  American Society for Training and Development.

www.swe.com Society of Women Engineers

www.biospace.com biotech careers.  This is a global site with a good career section.  It is possible to search for jobs in specific companies.  Articles that will help you keep up on the industry as well.

www.execunet.com for $100k plus executives.  This is a paid site.

www.ittalent.com job hunting tips, search available jobs, research employers and training.

www.iccweb.com  Internet Career Connections.  A compilation of job information available on the web.  Individuals post their business at this site.  One focus of this site is career information and guidance, though they do have job listings.

www.wetfeet.com  companies are divided by industry in the “company gallery.”  

www.careerbuilder.com personal search agent where you select the parameters and they email appropriate jobs to you.

www.eriss.com  this site provides job hunting tips, electronic resume posting as well as San Diego employer links.

www.dbm.com/jobguide  the Riley Guide helps with on-line search tactics and good links.

The list is endless.  But these are some good starting points.  Make sure you also check out the local sites for your city, such as www.jobsinsandiego.com, www.sandiegojobs.com, www.seattlejobs.com, the local Yahoo page, etc.

Career Counselors

Department of Labor

The Library

As with Internet sites, there are an overwhelming number of books available on the job search process.  Here are a number you may find interesting.  For more, check with you librarian or on the Internet.  Talk with your friends and family to see which ones they would recommend (remember, what works for them may or may not work for you).

What Color is Your Parachute?,  Richard Bowles

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