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Researching the Job Market

Developing Your Job Search Tools

Having the right tools to perform an effective search makes all the difference in the world.  This section will provide you with several of those tools.


Understanding the job market- How it is organized and what are the likely results from various job finding techniques- is essential in developing your job search strategies.


Researching- a crucial tool that helps you identify target companies, develop your approach and shine in the interview.


Developing your contacts and learning how to get information, advice and the right introductions that should lead to a job offer.

When you begin to put together your job search strategy, it is extremely important that you are open to all avenues of employment.  Do not focus solely on the public or private sectors or only the biotech industry.  For the most part, the same or very similar skill sets are required for jobs in most sectors.  And remember, skills are transferable from one industry to the next.  Many individuals are surprised to find a job well suited to their individual needs where they least expect to find one.  If you explore ALL of your possibilities, you will open yourself up to greater opportunities.


Understanding the Job Market…

How to find out what’s out there

There are many sources available for finding a job.  They tend to fall into two major categories.

Published Openings:

These openings have been “publicly declared.”  They might be found in the newspaper, on-line, in company job posting lists.

Unpublished Openings:

These openings have not been advertised to the general public.  Sometimes these openings may be nothing more than a vague intention, which is until a manager meets someone who triggers his or her interest.  They can also be communicated by word of mouth or through networking.  These can often be the best jobs, so you need to learn, or polish, the skills it takes to find them.

Locating Published Openings

The Internet

In today’s fast-paced world, this is an excellent place to find employment information.  For industry research, current and future trends and employment statistics, try these sites.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics- www.bls.gov

State Occupational Projections- www.udesc.state.ut.us/almis/stateproj

State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee- www.noicc.gov

The Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly- www.nbbew.com

Lexis Nexus provides, for a fee, an excellent source of industry information, as well as information written about a specific company but not by that company, leading to a more objective article.

When you are ready to research specific companies, agencies or organizations, it is essential to check out their websites.  Every major company should have a website with information about their long-term goals and employment practices.  If they don’t have one, or it seems poorly maintained, keep that in mind when making employment decisions.

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