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recommend contacting your local car stereo shop for assistance. Some installation examples can be found at www.gromaudio.com.

1. Turn off car engine and remove key from ignition

2. If your radio uses a unplugging the radio.

, make sure that you have the code before

  • 3.

    Un-mount your radio from the dash in order to gain access to the back of the radio. Some vehicles require special tools to remove the radio. Please consult your vehicle’s dealership or a local car audio professional, if necessary.

  • 4.

    Attach the car harness connector to the CD changer port in the back of the stereo. Be sure to make a firm connection, but do not force it. Connect the other end to the interface.

: There is a black single cable on the vehicle-specific harness (Figure 3) that you will need to attach to the back

bolt of the car stereo or the stereo chassis (see

Vehicle harness (1)


Bolt (3)

Black wire (2)

Figure 3.

Remove the PVC from the end of the black wire (2)

  • (a)

    Connect the end of the black wire (2) to the metal part of the car stereo chassis. You can connect it under the bolt (3) if it is present

  • (b)

    Make sure that solid contact is made between the striped black wire and the metal part of the car stereo body.



Some Audi head units require an additional part (AUDS

cable) or harness modification to gain the access to the CD changer port. A solid 20-pin connector occupies the 8-pin CD changer port on such stereos. Please refer to the instructions at http://gromaudio.com/pie-audi-how-to.html for more information.


Please refer to the installation insert for the special

guidelines for BMW installation.

7. On some Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicles, the CD changer port is occupied by a factory harness (such as NAV or audio harness). The GROM package for Toyota includes a Y- shaped vehicle cable. In order to connect the interface properly, please refer to Figure 4.

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