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(includes HON1 in SKU) with navigation or XM installed, you may need to use a HON1-Y Y cable or CHR-Y cable in order to gain the access to the car stereo port occupied by the factory connector. Once the interface is connected to the radio, you will need to test the operation of the interface before reassembling the dash.

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    Turn your car stereo on and switch it over to CD Changer mode using the Disk/Mode/CD/AUX buttons on your car stereo (depending on the stereo type). Your display should now show Disk 1, Track 01.

  • 10.

    Connect the USB cable to the USB device. Turn on your car stereo and play some music from your USB device. You should hear the sound coming from the car stereo speakers.

  • 11.

    Once the operation of the interface is confirmed, continue with the installation. If you experience difficulties with the installation, please see our


Find a place for the GROM USB adapter. In many cars, the dash offers sufficient room for installation. Note: Make sure you mount the GROM USB adapter in a place with sufficient room so that, when you remount the car stereo, you do not break the adapter.


You may use the glove box or other spaces on the dash to direct the USB cables away from the unit.

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    Remount your car stereo, making sure it fits securely.

  • 1.

    Locate trunk mounting cable in your car (usually located in the left side of the car in the back)

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    Disconnect existing CD changer, if any.

  • 3.

    Attach matching cables

You have installed the GROM USB adapter and may use it immediately with your USB device, MP3 player, or iPod.

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