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All FAT16/32 formatted storages: USB sticks/hard drives iPod Nano, Photo, Video, Classic, Shuffle MP3 players and smartphones with USB mass storage interface The GROM USB supports only FAT16/32 formatted storages. NTFS is not supported!

The GROM-USB supports the following formats:

MP3 with bitrates up to 320Kbps WMA with bitrates up to 389Kbps AAC / iTunes with bitrates up to 389Kbps OGG/Vorbis with bitrates up to 389Kbps No digital rights management (DRM)-protected content purchased through major online stores will play directly through the USB-MP3 adapter as such content is encrypted and signed by the media publisher. This includes but is not limited to iTunes, Rhapsody, Zune Marketplace, and MSN. You need to burn such files to a CD and the rip them back with any capable software. The music purchased from Amazon and iTunes+ is compatible with GROM-USB2 without any modifications.

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    On your USB portable data medium, create one directory (folder) for each disc your

radio supports (i.e., Disc 1, Disc 2); save all of your music into these directories.

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    As soon as you connect the GROM USB adapter to a USB portable data medium, the

GROM will enumerate root directories, translating them into virtual disks. Their number depends on the number of discs supported by the specific car stereo.

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