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    An installation that will eventually serve as an educational resource for the greater Atlanta community: a place where visitors can learn about Thoreau, but also about 19th century tools, wood and building practices.

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    A series of public presentations in the GT library, Atlanta Pecha Kucha, and the annual conventions of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, and the American Literature Association.


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    All students will follow a regular course of study—reading Thoreau and other critics, “cognition and tool use” texts, historical background, etc.

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    Students will be divided into teams working on different specific elements including videography and editing, web presence, historical background, and build teams.

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    Build: Field Trip to tree farm: cut and transport necessary timbers. Woodwright’s Shop seminar featuring instruction in tool use and woodworking necessary to complete tasks— including hewing and squaring timbers, joining major members (mortise and tenon), using froe to split shingles for roof and siding.

Thoreau: Walden and related essays on natural history, and pertinent Thoreau scholarship Historical Background on “rural retreats”: W. Barksdale Maynard, Andrew Jackson Downing Woodworking Techniques: Alex Bealer, David Pye, Roy Underhill Materials: George Sturt, Eric Sloane, Evelyn (Sylva) Handwork, Cognition, Knowledge: Matthew Crawford, Charles Keller, Douglas Harper, Andy Clark, Shaun Gallagher Philosophical Background: Emerson, Heidegger, Dreyfus Contemporary Example: Michael Pollan A Place of My Own

********************* LCC-3833 HP Fall 2008 Disability Studies: Literature, Film, and Service Learning This Honors Seminar is designed to provide an introduction to the field of Disability Studies through examining theoretical texts, literature and film, and through service learning opportunities. In addition to class discussion, students will present two background lectures and will produce and present a seminar project. On consultation with me, each student will arrange to work directly with members of the disabled community, work that will provide the basis for his or her seminar project.

********************* LCC 4100P STAC Seminar Fall 2007 "DIY: Process, Practice, and Knowledge Production" This seminar will draw together a range of intellectual traditions to begin to understand the emergence of knowledge through material, technical and intellectual practices. It will take as its starting point the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, particularly his Process and Reality (and as his work is rearticulated by Gilles Deleuze). We will then examine literary texts, studies in cognitive science, and a range of how-to manuals. The goal is to see how knowledge unfolds through material interaction and to develop a critical perspective on the sorts of tacit knowledge presupposed by instructions and the various forms of practice already embedded in the range of tools and technologies available to perform specific tasks. Some of the authors we will examine include Richard Powers (his novel Galatea 2.2), Andre Leroi-Gourhan, the cognitive science of Francisco Varela and Edwin Hutchins, as well as a range of how-to manuals (and

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