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Graduate Faculty in Clinical Psychology

Cynthia Erdley, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1992). Professor. Research interests: Social cognition; children's and adolescents’ peer relationship experiences and psychological adjustment e-mail: Cynthia.erdley@umit.maine.edu Erdley, C. A., Rivera, M., Shepherd, E., & Holleb, L. J. (2010). Social cognitive models and skills. In D. W. Nangle, D. J. Hansen, C. A. Erdley, & P. J. Norton (Eds.), Practitioner’s guide to empirically based measures of social skills. (pp. 21-35) New York: Springer.

Emily Haigh, Ph.D. (Kent State University, 2009). Assistant Professor. Research interests: Cognitive and emotional processing of depression and anxiety; cognitive processes common across disorders; biological correlates of the cognitive model of depression. e-mail: Emily.haigh@umit.maine.edu Beck, A.T., & Haigh, E.A.P. (in press). Advances in cognitive theory and therapy: The genetic cognitive model. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology.

Douglas W. Nangle, Ph.D. (West Virginia University, 1993). Professor and Director of Clinical Training. Research interests: Child and adolescent peer relations; close relationships and adjustment; social skills assessment and intervention. e-mail: doug.nangle@umit.maine.edu Nangle, D.W., Grover, R.L., Cassano, M., Holleb, L., & Fales, J. (2010). Defining competence and identifying target skills. In D.W. Nangle, D.J. Hansen, C.A. Erdley, & P.J. Norton (Eds.), Practitioner’s guide to empirically based measures of social skills (3-19). New York: Springer. .

Sandra T. Sigmon, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1989). Professor. Research interests: Biological and cyclical effects on mood and behavior in depression, anxiety, and PTSD; coping with stress, coping with health-related problems, gender issues in psychopathology, menstrual reactivity and anxiety. e-mail: sandra.sigmon@umit.maine.edu Sigmon, S. T., & Schartel, J. G. (2008). Anxiety, anxiety disorders, and the menstrual cycle. In M. J. Zvolensky & J. A. J. Smits (Eds.) Anxiety in Health Behaviors and Physical Illness (181-205). New York: Springer.

Developmental Psychology faculty members participating in the developmental-clinical track:

Cynthia Erdley, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1992). Professor. Research interests: Social cognition, children's and adolescents’ peer relationships. e-mail: Cynthia.erdley@umit.maine.edu

Marie Hayes, Ph.D. (Northeastern University, 1980). Professor. Research interests: Behavior of human neonates, ontogeny of sleep and arousal mechanisms, assessment of function in infancy. e-mail: Marie.hayes@umit.maine.edu

Peter LaFreniere, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1982). Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator. Research interests: Developmental psychopathology, anxiety and social withdrawal, cooperation and competition. e-mail: peter.lafreniere@umit.maine.edu Dr. LaFreniere is not accepting new doctoral students in the developmental/clinical track.

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