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(Ref:INTL. Bylaws Article I, Section 1.08)

A variety of sales items can be purchased through the BLUE KNIGHTS® International Sales Catalog which is published once a year.

Any articles intended for sale outside the chapter that incorporate the BLUE KNIGHTS® registered trademarks, must be chapter approved and will be submitted to International for approval. Each chapter should submit a detailed description, photograph, or an actual sample. Production cost and planned sale price must also be included. In order to sell these articles, there is an initial approval fee of $10.00. Each year thereafter, a renewal fee of $ 10.00 is applied. The sales items will be advertised in the sales catalog. A sales permit will be issued to chapters for authorized sales items only. The permit must be displayed while the items are being sold. A special permit may be requested to sell specific items to non-Blue Knight’s members.

All Chapters are required to abide by the International Sales rules. The International Bylaws, Art. I, Sec. 1.08 details the penalties for violations relating to sales items. Penalties increase from a warning letter, to $100 fine, to $250 fine, to suspension or revocation of the chapter’s charter. The fines collected under this section are placed in the “Special Fund Account.”


The official Blue Knights vest is light blue in color. This color was chosen early in the Blue Knights’ history so that we as an organization of Law Enforcement Officers would present an image different from the stereotypical biker. On the back is a bottom rocker showing the state/ province and optional chapter number, a top rocker reading the Blue Knights and a center patch of the International crest. Mens and ladies leather vests are available from the International Office. The bottom rockers are a special order. The International cresting is the only cresting approved to wear by a member. (Ref. Art. I Bylaws Sec. 1.03-1.04)


A credit card bearing the Blue Knights® insignia is available to Blue Knights members and their family living in the United States. There is no renewal fee for either a silver, gold or platinum card. A commission is paid by the bank to the Blue Knights for each transaction that is put on the card, and each application that is made and granted. All the proceeds go toward the BuildingAssociation for operating expenses and to maintain repairs on International Headquarters. To apply for a card, you can acquire an application from the International Office or call MBNA (1-800-847-7378 ext. 5000). In either case, it is very important that you use the priority code “CTDG.” This is the Blue Knights generated application code, and gives us a higher commission than if you apply using an MBNA form or giving no code by phone.

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