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The BOG executives and act as trustees for the Blue Knights “Special Fund.” The fund was founded in memory of Blue Knights Jerry Digeronimo a member that died as a result of a motorcycle accident en route to the International Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. All members are eligible to apply for financial assistance when they’re involved in an accident while traveling to, from or during a sanctioned BLUE KNIGHTS® Event. The BOG outlines criteria and guidelines for receiving assistance and is generally provided within 24 hours of the request.Although it is not required, it is requested that if a member should receive monetary compensation from insurance, etc., that they make restitution to the fund to remain self sufficient and available for others that may need it. It is requested that each chapter make a $25.00 donation at the beginning of each year. All donations should be forwarded to the Treasurer of the BOG.


The International Bylaw detailing Conferences is found in Article V.

The organization is broken up into eleven conferences that consist of a number of chapters, in a specified number of states and/or countries. The original conference boundaries were arbitrarily based on geography.

Each Conference hosts at least one business meeting a year usually including a social gathering. The conference events are held in a variety of formats, from weekend camping to a more formal event and are attended by Blue Knights from everywhere.

Each conference elects (annual or biannual) their executive board. This board consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Sec., Treas., and an International Rep. The positions of Chairman/ Intl. Rep and Sec./Treas may be held by a single person, in accordance with that conference’s Bylaws. The office of Chairman, V. Chairman, and International Rep must be held by a member who is or has been chapter president. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer must be held by a regular member.

Conference meetings are generally open to all members, however only the President or their representative is allowed to vote on business matters.

The eleven conferences are, United Kingdom & Ireland (UKIC), European (EC), Northeast (NEC), Tri-State (TSC), Mason - Dixon (MDC), Southern Regional (SRC), Rio-Grande (RGC), Southwest (SWC), West Coast (WCC), Midwest Regional (MWRC), Great Lakes Regional (GLRC).


(International Bylaws defining chapters are located in Article VI.)

All members who live within 50 miles of a chapter must belong to a chapter. Eligibility for a chapter to form is outlined in Art. III, Section 3.11 (e). The chapter executive officers are to be elected from within the chapter and in accordance with the chapters Bylaws. The offices of President and V. President must be held by a regular member and the Secretary and Treasurer positions may be held by an associate provided that it is not wanted by a regular member. The office of Sec/Treas may be held by one person. Honorary members may not hold any executive offices.

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