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Achapter may have up to 10% as Honorary members. The 10% is based on the previous years regular and associate members. The international office will advise the chapter of the number of honorary positions available when the renewal packages are sent. All honorary members are to be evaluated and voted on annually (Article II, Section 2.04). Each chapter is allowed one “Special “ honorary position that is held by an ordained chaplain or minister. Honorary and Special Honorary members pay the same dues to International as regular and associate members.

Spouses and families are welcome to attend and participate in Blue Knights functions, however, only members are allowed to vote on official business.

Each chapter may develop their own bylaws. However, they must remain consistent with those of the International Constitution and Bylaws and must be approved by the International.


As with any organization, membership is an important part. Blue Knights International has installed a toll free recruiting line for non-members inquiring about membership, joining or starting a chapter. This is voice mail line for inquiries only and one of the office staff will get back to you. The toll free number is 1-877-BKILEMC or 1-877-254-5362.

It is the duty of the International V. President to supervise the overall program. The Conference Vice Chairman and Chapter Vice Presidents are held to participate at their respective levels. It should be the ambition of all members to do their part in recruiting new and retaining the current members we have. Recruitment and Retention are recognized with the following awards:

Recruiter Award – For members who have recruited five or more new members in the


Super Recruiter – Ten or more new members in the year. Super Recruiter – Those who recruit fifteen of more members in the year, will receive their dues paid for the following year. Also, the Super Recruiter that recruits at least fifteen or more new members, and recruits the most new members, will receive $250.00 from the International Office.

100% Retention Award – Chapters who retain the same number of members from one year to the next.

Helping Hands Award – For members who actively assist in the formation of a new chapter.

*Award information must be received by the International ice President no later than May 1st. You may contact the International Office for detailed guidelines. ** The forms for the awards are sent annually with the renewal package. The awards above are held for Chapters that have had their charter for 1 year.


If you are aware of an event that warrants a BLUE KNIGHTS® booth etc., guidance is available from the International Vice President. Each conference is eligible to apply for up to $200.00 to be applied toward recruitment and retention efforts. All documentation (invoices etc.) must be sent to the International office to the attention of the Intl. V. President for potential reimbursement. The office also has promotional materials available upon request.

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