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e)To ensure that an accounting is made to the parents for all funds received and disbursed on a team’s behalf.

Basic Policy Statement

a)All funds raised, and expenditures incurred in the name of the Club shall be processed through the Club Treasurer and approved books of account.  There are basically four ways to generate funds: contributions by home associations from registration fees, parent donations, fund raising projects, and sponsorships.

b)It is the object of the Club to provide each team with at least a portion of the required equipment, practice time, league fees, and if the financial position permits, a small advance to cover early operating expenses.

Recording System

The items mentioned in (b) above must be paid for in order that the Club as a whole remains solvent.  Briefly, the following is an explanation of how the Club will be reimbursed for team expenses:

Player’s Fees

a)A per player fee, over and above the fee paid to a player’s home association on registration will be assessed to the team account, as set by the Club’s Finance Committee based on budget requirements.  The entire amount of this fee is used to reduce the team debt and is payable to the Club as outlined at the team’s first parent meeting.

b)Refunds will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee but every effort will be made to make a fair decision for a parent and player who leaves either through voluntary or forced departure, based on the timing of the departure.

National Insurance Programme

Each minor hockey player is covered with a comprehensive accident insurance program at the time of registration with their home association.  The fee is included in the player’s registration fee (or a separate charge as per association policy).  Copies of this insurance coverage are available from your home association.

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