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The following is a list of items this Club expects from coaches:

a)Coaching at the minor level should consist of teaching and improving hockey skills of individual players and promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.

b)It is the philosophy of the GRMHC that all participants receive equal ice time.  It is recognized that circumstances may not permit this on an individual game basis, however, it is expected that during the course of the season opportunities will exist to ensure that this objective can be achieved.  Ice time lost due to disciplinary action and suspensions does not apply.

c)The coach is to ensure that each of his/her players is properly protected and that team parents are advised of the necessity for players to wear properly fitting and approved equipment.

d)The coaching staff must have a controlled attitude towards referees.  Lack of coaching self control will not be accepted by the GRMHC and will bring review and possible dismissal.

e)The coach is responsible to nominate a competent manager with the approval of the Director, Hockey Operations (DHO), who is then formally ratified at the first team parents meeting of the year.

f)Practice times provided and paid for by the Club should be used for practices.  A team wishing to use this time for exhibition games must advise the Ref Assigner.

g)Coaches are responsible for checking game sheets for suspensions to participants.  Suspensions are automatic and are to be reported by the coach to his/her players, and the District Chairman (or delegate) and the respective league as per their individual policy.  Failure to check/report could mean forfeiture of games and further disciplinary action, including team fines.

h)The maximum suspension from play that can be imposed on a player by the coaching staff for disciplinary purposes is one game.  The Director, Hockey Operations, must be advised of all such suspensions.  Suspensions of more than one game must have the approval of the Discipline Committee of the Club.

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