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Test Administration Policies

1.   Students must sign in and out when taking an exam at DSS/TAC.  Be prepared to show your     

     University ID.

2.   Students must agree to adhere to the University Academic  Honesty Agreement by signing the Test        

     Coversheet. All cases of academic dishonesty will be immediately reported to the professor and

     the University’s Office of Campus Life.

3.   Only test materials and aids indicated on the Test Coversheet will be admitted into the testing area.    

     All personal and other belongings, including electronics and cell phones, will not be permitted.

4.   Students must check exams for completeness and legibility.  If there is a problem, please inform

     the proctor immediately.

5.   When required, Blue Books will be provided by the student and exchanged or checked by the       


6.   Students are responsible for following their professor’s instructions and for returning all test

     materials, including scrap paper.

7.   Students using word for an exam must remain until they have checked their printed work.  

DSS Responsibilities to the Student


DSS will notify professors of accommodations, via email, after the end of the Drop/Add period (students will receive a copy of this email).  Be sure to check your copy of the email to make sure that the necessary professors have been notified.  Also, check with your professors to make sure that they have read the email.  If needed, students can request to have their professor(s) notified prior to drop/add.


DSS will provide a setting other than the classroom for test taking, when this accommodation has been approved.

Professor Responsibilities


The exam must be accompanied by the DSS Test Coversheet.  If special aids (such as calculators, etc.) are allowed, please indicate this, and all instructions, on the cover sheet.  If the student will be taking the exam at a different time from the class, your permission must be indicated on the cover sheet.


Exams are to be delivered to the Office of Disability Support Services by the day before the exam date.  Exams and Coversheets may be sent by email: dssproctor@udel.edu, by fax: 831-4131; or by hand to 119 Alison Hall.  Please do not send exams through campus mail.


Exams must be easily legible.  If a faxed copy is not completely legible, or if assistive technology is required, etc., please hand-deliver or e-mail a copy of the exam.


Professors may choose to provide the required test accommodations her/himself.  In this case, the alternate arrangements must ensure appropriate accommodations are made.

DSS Responsibilities to the Professor

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