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A notification email for each student eligible for accommodations will be sent to his/her professor(s) no later than the end of the Drop/Add period.  This message will indicate the University-approved accommodations necessary for the individual student, as determined by DSS Professionals and/or the Documentation Review Committee’s review of the student’s documented disability.  The student may choose not to use these accommodations.


Exams will be checked for completeness and legibility upon receipt at DSS.


Exams received will be secured, with access limited to those staff members requiring it.


Completed exams will be returned as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.  Professors have the option of picking up exams at the AEC, but are advised to call first, to ensure that the exam has been completed.

Policy on Disclosure of Confidential Information

Students who have been determined to be eligible for accommodations through the Office of Disability Support Services at the University of Delaware are encouraged to introduce themselves to their professors as soon as possible.  They may, at that time, wish to discuss their needs in greater detail; however, this is not required in order to receive services.

Students vary in their degree of comfort in revealing personal details, and the University is restricted in the amount of information it can divulge, out of respect for the privacy of the student and under laws governing confidentiality.  

FAQ’s for Students

If I take an exam at the same time as the class, I will have to miss my next class in order to use my accommodation of extended time.  Can I begin earlier?

We generally do not require permission for students to begin exams a little early, in order to use their approved accommodation of extended time, as long as they remain for the duration of their class’ scheduled test time and they have notified their professors.  

My class is taking the exam at 5:00 p.m., when DSS is closed.  Can I take it earlier?

Yes, as long as DSS has received permission from your professor on the Test Coversheet or via e-mail and you remain until the scheduled class exam time (5:00 p.m.).   

My class is taking the exam at 7:00 p.m.  What do I do?

Start by talking with your professor.  Many professors allow students to take such an exam earlier the same day or at an alternate date/time (with permission indicated on the Test Coversheet). If this is not an option, the professor will need to provide the necessary accommodations.

Why do I have to sign up for an exam 5 days in advance, if the professor is already sending it over to you?

We administer a large number of exams daily.  Without advance notice, we may not have spaces for all test-takers (particularly during midterms and finals, when we may need to reserve additional room).  It is also important for us to review students’ requests to ensure that there are no potential problems in administering a particular exam.  

If I am ill on the test day and unable to take the exam at the TAC, can I just take the exam the next day?

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