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CL/175/11(a)-R.2- 21 -

Geneva, 1st October 2004

the struggle.  …  They had been very friendly in their inquiries of my whereabouts and had told my mother that I risked being killed by security forces and pleaded with my mother to dissuade me from participating in terrorist activity …”.

1.5.Mr. Fidelis Mhashu, MP for Chitungwiza

Mr. Mhashu informed the delegation of several incidents that had taken place prior to the June 2000 elections, including an attempt on his life perpetrated allegedly by CIO agents on 2 May 1999.  After the elections, the following incidents occurred:

-On 25 November 2001, a group of about 60 war veterans attacked him during the by-election in Marundara West.

-On 5 January 2002, 300 ZANU-PF militia who, the delegation understood, were led by a certain Mr. Ziva, stoned his house.  In the attack, one of his colleagues who was in the house was injured.  A few days later, on 19 January, his house was raided at 12.30 a.m. and all his MDC documents were taken away.  As a result of these attacks, Mr. Mhashu had to relocate his family until after the presidential elections.  

-In April 2003, while he was out of the country, his home was ransacked by about 15 armed men, most of them in uniform who arrived at night in an army truck.  The soldiers assaulted his three male relatives who were there and his wife.  They took away money, food, a revolver, a mobile phone, clothes and documents.  

-On 3 October 2003, Mr. Mhashu’s constituency office was raided and the police took a computer which they reportedly still have in the police station.  

-Mr. Mhashu referred also to the Zengeza by-election (see D.I.4.4.) during which, on 27 March 2004, an MDC convoy was attacked and stones were thrown.  Moreover, on 29 March when leaving the community hall, he saw youths arriving in seven lorries.  They were dropped at the entrance and started shouting “today you will not leave this place alive”.  

-He said that he had reported all this to the police.

He told the delegation that, apart from one daughter and one son who had received death threats, all other family members had been forced into exile for fear of their security.  

1.6.Ms. Pauline Mpariwa, MP for Mufakose

1.6.1.Attack on her house (March 2003)

Ms. Mpariwa stated that on 20 March 2003, 10 armed men and soldiers in uniform came to her house while she was not there.  They broke into the house, beat up her relatives and took trade union materials, T-shirts etc.  They ransacked the home, destroyed the kitchen and damaged other furniture, windows and doors.  They said they would come back because they had not found her.  Since then, she has had to relocate several times.  For fear for her security, she cannot stay in her own constituency.  She stated that she reported the attack to police.  However, in their memorandum of 8 April 2004, the police state that there are no records of this case at Police Glen View and Marimba stations.

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