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- 28-CL/175/11(a)-R.2

Geneva, 1st October 2004

1.14.3.Attacks on Mr. Sikhala’s house

The police memorandum of April 2004 provides information on an attack of 5 February 2001 on Mr. Sikhala’s house during which his wife, Ellen Sikhala was assaulted and sustained injuries.  The investigation produced no result.  Police observed that in May 2000, the front and rear windscreens of his vehicle had been smashed.  Mr. Sikhala himself suspected an MDC member of being the perpetrator because of a feud within the MDC provincial hierarchy.  The person was detained and released for insufficient evidence.  

1.15.Mr. Silas Mangono, MP for Masvingo Central

1.15.1.March 2003 arrest

Mr. Mangono said that on the evening of 17 March, police were trailing him while he was driving with three other people.  They then stopped his vehicle and ordered everyone out.  When he resisted being handcuffed, they injured him.  Mr. Mangono says he was arrested only the next day.  

According to the police memorandum (March 2004), on 18 March 2003, Mr. Mangono kicked Superintendent Mbdezi while resisting arrest.  Prosecution was declined on 20 January 2004.

1.15.2.June 2003 arrest

On 2 June 2003, Mr. Mangono was arrested together with other MDC members and detained until 5 June and charged with chanting MDC slogans and blowing whistles.  Mr. Mangono who suffers from high blood pressure and needs medication every day, was denied food and medication for four days.  Police, he said, refused even to give him the tablets which his wife had brought.   The case was dismissed in court.  

According to Police, on 18 March 2003, Mr. Mangono led a group of about 60 MDC supporters and forced them to engage in an unlawful demonstration.  The case was withdrawn in court before plea on 18 June 2003.  

1.16.Mr. Jelous Sansole, MP for Hwange West

1.16.1.Attack on house and fuel station (February 2002)

Mr. Sansole explained that there are two fuel stations in the place where he lives:  one owned by him and another one by a ZANU-PF member.  ZANU-PF youth came to camp on a school ground next to his station.  On 5 February 2002, between 4 and 6 p.m., they started attacking his house and fuel station as well as the adjacent houses of his brother and mother.  Property worth $ 3 million was destroyed.  At the time, he was in Bulawayo.  Alerted of the attack by his family, he called police who only arrived after everything was over.  The next morning the youth stoned his car and he reported this to the police.  He said that the police came later with an arrest warrant for his whole family and he had to pay bail totalling $ 35,000.-.  The case was taken to court with Mr. Sansole and his family in the dock.  He said that the people who had destroyed the house were even called as prosecution witnesses.  However, the magistrate dismissed the case.  Mr. Sansole stated that, despite having lodged an official complaint and given a detailed account of the property that had been destroyed, no action had been taken.    

According to the police memorandum of March 2004, the presence of ZANU-PF youths at Ndanga Primary School incensed MDC supporters in the area who started to attack them.  The ensuing clash led to the destruction of property, valued $ 300,000.- at Mr. Sansole’s service station.  Police arrested 18 ZANU-PF youth and ten MDC supporters, charging them with public violence.  They were all acquitted in court.  The police memorandum of April 2004 refers, moreover, to another incident which occurred the same day, at about 8 p.m. when during a clash between MDC and ZANU-PF youth, the latter caused damages to the pump and cash register machine and stole cash.  Several ZANUPF youths were arrested, appeared in court and were remanded to 21 June 2004.   

1.16.2.Other incidents

Mr. Sansole reported that during the local council election later that year, the same incident happened again.  When the election came, ZANU-PF youth moved into the school and attacked his fuel station.  

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