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CL/175/11(a)-R.2- 51 -

Geneva, 1st October 2004

1.10.Mr. Tichaona Jeffer Munyanyi, MP for Mbare East

1.10.1.First arrest and stoning of his house

Mr. Munyanyi was first arrested in July 2000 on a false accusation of having beaten up a ZANU-PF supporter.  He was detained for four days and the case was dropped for lack of evidence.  The delegation understood that later that year, his house was stoned by about 250 ZANU-PF youths who arrived there after midnight.  Although he made a complaint, the police took no action.  However, according to the police memorandum of 20 April 2004, there is no record of the stoning of his house.  

Correct facts:

There are no records of the above cases.  Facts as to which police station report was made and the place of occurrence are required.

1.10.2.Murder charges

In September (or early October) 2002, Mr. Munyanyi was arrested in Glenfield and accused of having masterminded the murder of Ali Khan Manjegwa, a former provincial committee member of ZANU-PF who had been shot on 22 August 2002.  Mr. Munyanyi said that he was given no food and was only allowed to phone his brother.  The delegation understood that he saw his lawyer only after two days in detention, after the interrogations by police and CIO officers had started.  Mr. Munyanyi said that, in one instance, he was taken blindfolded to a room where he was beaten on the soles of his feet.  He remembered one person saying that he should not be beaten because he was innocent.  The delegation was provided with a medical report attesting to the injuries sustained.  Mr. Munyanyi reported that he was taken to court by 6 heavily armed police officers and remanded to Harare prison where he was held in an over-crowded cell.  He was granted bail in October 2002 and in December 2003, the case was dropped before plea.  However, according to the police memorandum of 8 March 2004, the file was at the Attorney General’s office.  

1.10.3Arrest under the POSA

Mr. Munyanyi said that he was arrested again on 2 June 2003 on charges of organising an unlawful meeting.  He was taken to Harare police station, made to lie on the ground and beaten.  He was released on bail of $ 50,000.- and required to report to the police.  The case is still pending and was scheduled for hearing on 22 April 2004.

Correct facts:

The allegations by Munyanyi that he was beaten by CIO whilst being interrogated did not come to the attention of the police. He was arrested for murdering Ali Khan Manjengwa a ZANU-PF committee member. The case is still pending and has not been withdrawn as suggested by Munyanyi.

1.10.4.Stoning of car

Mr. Munyanyi reported that in January 2002 on his way to his constituency, his car had been stoned, a matter which he reported to the police.  According to the police memorandum of April 2004, investigations were instituted but no one was arrested and the file was closed “undetected” and filed incomplete.  

Correct facts:

Report:  Malicious injury to property


On January 13, 2002 at around 18:00 hours, the complainant Tichaona Munyanyi was driving his car from Harare city centre towards Mbare.  When he approached the intersection of Charter and Cripps Road, his car was hit with some stones by youths who had barricaded the road.  Tichaona Munyanyi did not stop for fear of being harmed.  He drove straight to Matapi police station where he made a report. Investigations were instituted but no one was arrested in connection with the matter.  Docket was later closed “Undetected” under filing reference incomplete ‘A’ 4751/02, Mbare CR 623/01/02 refers.

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