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CL/175/11(a)-R.2- 53 -

Geneva, 1st October 2004

Station and Ref.:Bulawayo Central CR 83/06/03


On 2 June 2003, Milton Gwetu was arrested for leading a group of MDC supporters who were organising mass stayaways and marches to State House to unconstitutionally remove President Robert Mugabe. He was arrested near MDC offices along with Josiah Chinamano for contravening the said section.

Current position:

The accused is on $ 100,000.- bail pending set down of trial dates.  Bulawayo CRB 4349/03 refers.

1.13.Mr. Paul Madzore, MP for Glen View, Harare

1.13.1.Arrest in connection with a rally in February 2003

Mr. Madzore reported that the police deliberately refused to confirm whether the meeting planned to be held in Mabvuku could take place.  In any event, it had not been cancelled.  In Mabvuku, he learned from the district leadership that the meeting had not been authorised.  About 10 to 15 minutes later armed police arrived in three or four vehicles as they were driving away, followed them, blocked the road and ordered them at gunpoint to get out the car.  He was slapped on the face, ordered to sit down in a field, then ordered back into the car, taken back to the local police station and then to Harare police station.  Mr. Madzore and Mr. Biti (see above 1.2) were taken to another police station where they spent the night.  The police refused to inform his family about his arrest.  At lunch time the next day, they were given food and taken to court.  The matter ended without any charges being brought.  

Correct facts:

No records have been established in this case. Further details would assist.

1.13.2.Arrest in connection  with the arrest of the Mayor of Harare (January 2003)

On 11 January 2003, the Mayor of Harare, Elias Mudzuri, was arrested for holding a (report back) meeting allegedly without police clearance.  Mr. Madzore said that he and other MDC members took the decision to demonstrate because there was no need for him to be arrested.  During the demonstration, while Mr. Madzore tried to talk to a police officer who was beating up a youth and an old lady, police encircled and arrested him.  Together with others, he was taken in a police truck around the town while it was raining heavily with the police pointing guns at them.  In Harare Central police station he was beaten up and when he tried to defend himself, the police restrained him.  His wife had come to bring him fresh clothes, but this was not allowed.  He was then taken to the police station in Hatfield.  He was held in solitary confinement the next day and was not offered food until 3 p.m., before being taken back to Harare Central police station.  He spent another night there and was brought before the court the next day and released on bail.  A court hearing took place the previous Tuesday, but the witness did not turn up.  Mr. Madzore, who did not specify the charge held against him said that the case would proceed by way of summons.

Correct facts:

Mudzuri was arrested for holding a political gathering without notifying the police. No records have been established in this case. Further details would assist.

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