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Within the priority scheduling period, ASU student organizations may reserve two (2) one time/special events per semester.  After the priority scheduling period elapses, two additional one time/special events may be reserved by the organization.  ASU Student Development and Staff Offices may reserve space as needed for public events intended to benefit ASU Students at large.

Consistent with current university policies, individual ASU students, faculty or staff will not be able to schedule facility space for one time/special events.  Accordingly, the Student Union will not schedule such non-university functions as weddings, wedding receptions, showers, family reunions, etc.

Non-university groups and agencies are not eligible for facility space for one time/special events, unless scheduled through the Office of Conferences & Institutes (if the activity is educational and/or residential in nature), occurs during the summer, and approved by the Associate Director of Student Programs.  

Special Information

On occasion, an academic department, administrative office

or student organization will work in co-sponsorship

with a non-university entity. In these circumstances,

the event must be educational in nature, and all activities coordinated

(reservation, set-up requests, on-site staffing, etc.) by the ASU organization.

The non-university entity and their activity must have a logical relationship

to the campus mission of the ASU sponsoring organization.

The event may require sanctioning from the academic Department Chair,

Division Vice-Chancellor, and/or Department of CSIL.

These events may not be sponsored by an ASU student organization

during the summer sessions, as clubs are not active during this time.

Special events include the five following activities: (1) Social, (2) Reception (3) Educational Function, (4) One Time Meeting, (5) Banquet.

Social - This is defined as an event which is a one-time usage and is open to ASU students and their guests, with one or more of the following conditions:  (1) tickets may (or may not) be sold at the door or in advance, (2) may continue after normal operating hours, (3) may involve the use of Beer/Wine, and (4) may involve entertainment (including dancing).

For Social events that require staffing, the reservation must be made no less than two weeks prior to the requested date.

Organizations may be charged a Staffing Fee for this type of event.  Organizations will be charged a Staffing Fee if beer/wine is consumed.

Reception - This is defined as an event which is a one-time usage and is a private event (a complete and accurate guest list may be required prior to the event), with

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