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G-1, Human Resources Policy Directorate

Supporting Soldiers, Families & Civilians – Active, Guard, Reserve and Retired

3 September 2008



Do you have any suspicions that this PVT may be suicidal? If so, why? (her relative youth; perhaps some anxiety about deploying and leaving her family; recent nonjudicial punishment; financial distress, reference to potential non-being, i.e. death).


How would you determine whether or not she is a danger to herself or others? (Ask; if unsure, escort to mental health provider if necessary).


Your unit is due to deploy in two weeks. Do you want to take this Soldier with you? Why or why not? (With proper treatment, suicidal ideation can be rather fleeting in nature. Interventions addressing her financial status and alcohol consumption could produce positive results. Leaving her behind could be seen as rejection by her unit, causing her to feel weak, unwanted, and incompetent. On the other hand, deploying with her could also possibly result in overwhelming stress for her. This is a judgment call you will have to make. Be sure to consult with all those individuals who could help you make this decision).

After a few days of counseling at the Community Mental Health Service and consultations with JAG, Army Emergency Relief, and a credit management agency, the PVT announces that she is feeling much better and wishes to deploy with the unit. The mental health provider informs you, via your request for a mental status examination, that the Soldier is fit for duty. What do you do? (the best course of action would probably be to sit and talk with the Soldier about her feelings then and now; ask her how she knows she is ready to deploy; ask about her home situation and whether or not her worries about her husband might cause her distress once overseas; based upon your judgment, you will decide whether or not she deploys; it would seem wise to speak with the mental health provider to learn the reasoning behind his recommendation).

You decide that the PVT will deploy with you. Once you in theater, however, she volunteers for some very hazardous tasks. What do you make of this, and how do you respond? (again, it is essential to maintain good communication with the Soldier in order to determine the motivation for her volunteerism; if uncertain, request another consultation from a mental health provider)

Scenario #5 – Pre-deployment


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