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G-1, Human Resources Policy Directorate

Supporting Soldiers, Families & Civilians – Active, Guard, Reserve and Retired

3 September 2008


You are the sergeant major of a basic training battalion. You notice that your Commander, an infantry LTC in his late 40’s, has become increasingly irritable. His appearance has also begun to deteriorate, and he frequently arrives to work unshaven and in a dirty uniform. He complains that this assignment has gotten ”TRADOC Slime” on him and that he will never again be able to get a good assignment.  During your conversations with him, you notice that he is easily distracted and his mind seems to be elsewhere. He is having trouble remembering his schedule. He has stopped his morning runs and has gained about 20 pounds over the past few months. During one conversation, he described to you an incident which occurred while he worked in the US embassy in Egypt. He states that Bulgarian agents kidnapped him and held him for ransom. He states the incident was not publicized because of possible political ramifications. The LTC has also been “called on the carpet” recently because there was a trainee suicide within his battalion. He stated, “My career is over.”  He occasionally falls asleep in his office. On one occasion, you inadvertently discovered him crying in his office.

What you do not know:

1. The LTC is having marital problems.

2. His eldest son just flunked out of college.

3. The LTC has been experiencing frequent, intrusive thought of suicide.

4. The LTC’s sleep has been highly fragmented.

5. The LTC has recently been passed over for promotion.

At some point in the conversation, the LTC states, “I don’t know if it’s worth it to continue.”

Scenario #11 – Basic Training Brigade

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