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G-1, Human Resources Policy Directorate

Supporting Soldiers, Families & Civilians – Active, Guard, Reserve and Retired

3 September 2008



How do you clarify what PFC Jones means when she states, “It’s just not worth it any more.” (You must ask probing questions to make sure you understand her correctly. Is she just expressing frustration or is making a cry for help. Ask her if she is feeling like harming herself. Don’t take a quick “no” for a response. You can say things such as “This is an important question, and I want you to give me a thoughtful response” or “I care for you, and I want to make sure you’re safe”.)


During your probe, PFC Jones admits she has been having thoughts about suicide. What do you do now? (Ask her if she has gone so far as to make a plan and ask what that plan is.)


PFC Jones states that she intend to take an overdose of pills and then shoot herself in the head with her rifle. How do you respond? (Indicate that suicide is a long-term solution to a short-term problem. Demonstrate caring by confiscating PFC Jones’ medications and weapons. Then escort her to the emergency room for treatment of her cuts and bruises. Tell the staff in the emergency room that you feel PFC Jones is suicidal. While PFC Jones is being treated, call, and inform your chain-of-command of that night’s events and your actions.”


The treating physician comes out to you and states “PFC Jones is definitely suicidal and she has eloped from the emergency room.” What do you do? (Ask the physician if he/she has dialed Dial 911 and/or contacted the MP’s. Report PFC Jones’ plans and elopement to your chain-of-command. )


PFC Jones is found and admitted to the psychiatric ward. Can you help her even while she is hospitalized? If so, how? (One can visit her while she is hospitalized and assure her that the other members of the unit are awaiting her return. Hopefully, you will be able to tell her that SPC Smith is being punished for her actions and that she may be discharged from the army. Make sure that she knows that there is no reason to be embarrassed and that the other team members are looking forward to her return to duty. One can also inquire if there is anything PFC Jones needs to have done while she is hospitalized and offer to take care of these things for her.)

Scenario #12 – Deployed PFC


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