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Apply research skills.

Includes demonstrating a familiarity with a variety of source materials (e.g., oral histories, diaries, paintings, newspapers); recognizing the uses of basic reference tools; distinguishing between primary and secondary sources; formulating hypotheses for social science research; and applying techniques used for organizing social science research.

Evaluate social science information.

Includes analyzing cause-and-effect relationships; drawing inferences from a variety of sources; evaluating the reliability of social science sources; comparing various interpretations of historical developments and social science phenomena; identifying the assumptions and potential biases on which the views expressed in a selection are based; and determining whether social science generalizations are supported by verifiable evidence.

Interpret visual representations of social science information.

Includes deriving social science information from visual sources such as graphs, charts, tables, paintings, and political cartoons; and using that information to analyze social science phenomena and problems.

Apply map and globe skills.

Includes comparing and contrasting the main characteristics of maps and globes; locating regions, landforms, and bodies of water on a map; interpreting map symbols; using the compass rose, scale, and time zones to determine distances and times on a map; using latitude and longitude to locate specific places on a map; and recognizing various types of maps and map projections.

Apply study skills.

Includes summarizing information from a written selection; demonstrating a familiarity with the uses of the different parts of a book; using context clues to determine the meaning of a word or phrase; identifying the main idea in a written selection; and recognizing appropriate procedures for studying different types of information (e.g., skimming, outlining, uses of the computer, graphic organizers, mapping).

Effective after September 1, 1995.

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