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Root Protection Mat Specifications

Root Protection Mat within CRZs (as designated on TPAK):

Objective of RPM is to allow designated construction activities within the trees protected critical root zone with minimal compaction or rutting to surface soils and root system. Methods and procedures for demolition of RPM is just as critical as the proper installation.

RPM specifications are always a function of parent soil make- up and projected loading (static VS dynamic compaction) and frequency / number of trips. Soil make-up can vary with seasons (wet vs dry). Experienced geotechnical representative should be consulted once exact loading potential is known.

Exact location / layout of RPM to be approved by project forester.

Storm & Sanitary Sewer Excavation with steel tracked excavator:

- 2 layers RPM over wood chips with Alturnamat

Water line or conduit excavation using rubber tracked mini- excavator with psi 4.2 or less with operator and load):

- 2" mulch + Triplaner Geonet (double sided) for equipment operation and soils stockpile within CRZ of protected trees.

Temporary Mobile Home/ Construction Trailer with no vehicle parking-

-same as above. Use Rubber tracked skid steer for installation. All access within CRZs on RPM.

Staging/ Stockpile Area for heavy equipment/ trucks within CRZs-

- Amerdrain Soil Drainage Mat+Triplanar Geonet+ Bi-axil Geogrid + 12" Crushed stone with silt fence (installed on-grade) perimeter.

Above Staging/ Stockpile outside CRZs use only Geonet with crushed stone.Add Geogrid if concrete trucks or construction fork lifts are used repeatedly.

Recommend installation only by contract arborist experienced in Root Protection Matting for various applications.

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