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October 2, 2009

Going Green! The VHS Cap and Gown Re-use Program

F r o m O p p o s i t i o n t o P r o p o s i t i o n G r e e n J o b s & C o m m u n i t y S t e w a r d s h i p , Water, and You! Come to the Sunday,

by Barbara Gustafson

The class of 2009 began a legacy gift to VHS by donating graduation attire to a permanent inventory for use by senior classes of the future. This ongoing effort allows the students the opportunity to re-think our current spending practices and step forward to make a change. By the students taking a step towards re-use they know that their actions directly make a difference. The Cap and Gown Re-use Program at VHS is a project that benefits the community through a valuable experience. Sustainable Vashon has granted a Green Seed Grant to this project and are “delighted to be a part of such a creative and

resourceful idea.” Cont’d on page 14

Oct. 11 Forum at Ober Park, 3-6 PM by Bill Moyer

In a time when bad economic news abounds, it is a pleasure to have something good to announce. Last spring, as the Backbone Campaign was ramping up for the next phase of grassroots mobilization against Glacier’s plans, we were also launching a new front on this fight with an emphasis on stewardship and green jobs. In September we got some amazing news.

Part of this effort was to launch a webpage for Islanders to submit their creative ideas for stewardship and green jobs. (Submit your ideas at www.GreenJobsNotGravel.org). A second piece was to investigate important stewardship opportunities and attempt to match them with funding. Through a series of conversations with Island contractors, State and County agencies, environmental experts and other Island activists such as Susie Kalhorn and Steve Graham, it soon became clear that our Island’s ongoing septic drama was the place to start. Luckily, we also learned of King County’s Water Works program and the $75,000 grant opportunity for water related efforts.

Backbone Campaign members at the August 15 Community Rally to celebrate the court victory that stopped Glacier from restarting dock construction. Photo is by Jeff Dunnicliff.

I called a couple members of the School Board and they introduced the idea to VHS teachers and

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Solar Tour Returns!

by Jennifer Williams

Seniors Jessica Olmhert and Steven DeWalt, photo by Barbara Gustafson.

Girls Go to State

The Fifth Annual Vashon Solar Tour is happening Saturday, October 3rd from 10 am-4pm. This free event will showcase renewable energy technology and this year’s tour has seven new photovoltaic systems to visit. The growing number of solar arrays on Vashon shows that solar power is taking off. In the past year, Vashon has tripled its number of grid-tied photovoltaic systems and now 15 islanders generate solar power for their homes, and, in these sunny times of solar excess, put electricity back onto the grid.

Federal and State incentives intended to encourage homeowners to go solar are working as more and more islanders see the benefits of solar power. Last fall, in the middle of the Financial Crisis, Congress renewed the 30% federal tax credit for purchasing solar arrays until 2016 and lifted the $2,000 cap. You can now claim a 30% federal tax credit to offset your cost of purchasing solar.

Freddy explores the pumpkin patch, photo by Matt Langley.

This spring, the Washington State legislature extended the sales tax exemption set to expire in June 2009 to instead expire in June 2011

Bounty Overwhelms

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by Matt Langley

Maricsa Mozeleski on the firing line, photo courtesy Vashon Sportsmen’s Club.

by Joe Matter

On September 12, the Youth Marksmanship program of the Vashon Sportsmen’s Club took two Island kids to the State Prone Match in Tacoma at the Tacoma Rifle &Revolver Club. A total of thirty-seven participants entered the match. Katelyn Carter and Maricsa Mozeleski finished 2nd and 3rd respectively among the women at the tournament and 7th

We have so much to celebrate this Autumn (October, already?), after an amazing summer. The summer shows no sign of slowing down, the bounty here on the farm is somewhat overwhelming, and we are hosting a farm tour October 3rd.

There will be U-Pick pumpkins for sale. Miniature, small and medium - sized orange pumpkins, as well as unusual French varieties such as Cinderella (Rouge du temps) and the Bumpkin will be available.

and 8th overall.

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Tour Site number 2, a 9.45 kW grid-tied array, photo by Artisan Electric.

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