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Harmelings Celebrate 50 Years

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    A Life-long Adventure

Do you recognize this couple? If so, please join with us in celebrating their 50 years of togetherness! Pat and Craig Harmeling will celebrate

by Kim Harmeling

their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, October 10th at the




Festivities will commence at 3 p.m. with a reception, buffet supper,

and live music.




Harmeling were high school sweethearts; married on October 10, 1959 they’ve been together through 50 years of life’s ups and downs. They’ve come from being a young couple with two small children, barely two nickels to rub together, and working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, to the current state of togetherness when they have the leisure and means to travel as they wish, exploring the world on their own terms in another chapter of life’s adventure.

11am to 9pm 206-567-5844

Photo courtesy the Harmeling family.

From Opposition to Proposition

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administration. Amidst a time of staff cuts, this possibility matched their values, their vision for future vocational training, and provided a partial answer to funding challenges assaulting the district. Roxanne Lyons, the School District’s Director of instructional services and grants manager took the reins and with contagious enthusiasm got all parties to hustle a proposal together in a

heroic three week sprint.

In mid-September we learned that King County awarded VHS $73,700 to launch the Stewardship, Water, and You project that includes: integration of nutrient monitoring in the Maury Island Aquatic Reserve and vocational training related to plumbing, septic design and horticulture into existing classes; the State’s first green sustainability and design technology class; provides funding for lab improvements, the building of a water catchment and drip irrigation project, and $10,000 for youth internships with contractors working to address the impacts of human gray water and sewage on our island ground water and tidelands.

In the Gandhian nonviolent tradition, a constructive program is an essential component of a larger campaign. In India that translated into making salt from sea water and spinning one’s own cloth. On Vashon it means finding meaningful ways that our Island can truly be the pivot point for saving Puget Sound by replacing the short term economic prospects of extraction with the long term benefits of green collar jobs and a sustainable

economy that responsibly manages our waste, protects our water, and

restores ecosystems.




Backbone Campaign organized two delegations to Olympia this year, one to the Governor’s office and a second to Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). At both we made the point that our Island is the perfect partner, a Poster Child in the fight to save

Recently, the State has been doing their part, exemplified by the strong leadership of DNR’s head, Commissioner Peter Goldmark and his letter to Glacier regarding Lease Compliance Requirements, followed by his visionary OpEd, “Tough choices in the recovery of Puget

Sound,” (Seattle Times 08-11-09). That OpEd was read into the record at the Federal Lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers that resulted in a legal victory for Preserve Our Island (POI) that prevented the restart of construction of Glacier’s barge loading pier.

The August 15 orca created by Backbone Campaign participants, aerial photo by Ray Pfortner.

On Sunday, October 11 the Backbone Campaign will host a Green Jobs Community Stewardship Forum at

Puget Sound. Our Aquatic Reserve is the only one in Central Puget Sound. The tidelands within the borders of that reserve are approximately 82% privately owned. Therefore its success or failure – and the future of Central Puget Sound - rely upon partnership, stewardship and self-compliance. Our delegation to DNR included a number of community leaders whose creativity and commitment to our water and ecosystems demonstrated that we really could serve as the pivot point from a regulatory system designed to facilitate extraction, to a regulatory system designed to favor sustainability.

the Ober Park Activity Center from 3-6 PM. A panel discussion will be followed by opportunities for questions and breakout sessions for in-depth dialog. VHS teachers Tom DeVries and Amy Bogaard will introduce the Stewardship, Water and You program. King County’s Larry Stockton will speak about the Marine Recovery Area, the nitrogen loading study, a Shellfish grant, and the willingness of King County to partner with islanders to find creative solutions for failing septic systems. Rayna Holtz and other islanders will address other aspects and visions for community stewardship of our Aquatic Reserve, shorelines, and groundwater.

October 2, ‘09

Now it is our chance to be visionary. It is our chance to show that loving the place where we live is about more than opposing a mine, it is about proposing and taking responsibility for a new way forward. The grant to VHS proves that resources are out there and islanders can benefit from working together to develop creative solutions. We can be co-authors of a beautiful future, with a vibrant local economy with good jobs that rebuild and rather than destroy our ecosystems. See you on the 11th!

Wolftown and Problem Critters

NO I am NOT a Licensed Trapper. Never have been, never

will be. What





Rehabilitation and education. Rehabilitation is taking injured and orphaned wildlife and returning them to the wild. And we also teach sustainable and predator friendly agriculture with sheep. The otters could have been dissuaded by non- lethal means. (Was that attempted?) Playing a radio, lights on etc. Perhaps people don’t know this but you can always call us at Wolftown to help with a situation like the Otters and we will help!

206-463-9113. One other thing, PLEASE leave seal pups alone! I know of at least two this season who were abandoned by their mothers because people bugged the pups and it scared the mother seals away.

T. Martino, www.wolftown.org

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