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The Vashon Loop, p. 6

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Aries (March 20-April 19) This weekend’s Full Moon is raising questions in a partnership, but just what questions are they? One thing stands out: can you be yourself in a particular relationship? Or is the whole thing a political exercise, wherein you must follow a kind of intellectual choreography? Second, can you extract yourself from these old emotional patterns that you know you need to be free from? Bear in mind that this is a matter of how you’re going to do it, not whether you will do so. Beware of a potential overlap in the issues, which is how your own life story has led you to the situation you’re currently in. Life is not about playing a role in a drama; it’s about having an authentic experience. If you use that as a reference point, the specifics will be more obvious.

so; fear tends to be the thing that steers us wrong nearly every time. The key now is to engage yourself in a dialog, though this may feel awkward or unproductive. It will be worth the effort. Primarily, the fear will orient on a concern that you cannot change something rooted in the distant past. Your motivation to do so is an indescribable internal pressure compelling you to make some immediate change, based on a belief that seems to have suddenly reversed. If you can recognize the pressure or anxiety specifically for what it is — that is to say, actual fear rather than one of its candy- coated feelings — you will be able to enter into a direct dialog with yourself. Remember, the real information is veiled. See the veils for what they are, and remove them one at a time.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) You may feel like a partner or colleague is way ahead of you in terms of their ability to express creative energy, and that they make everything look easier than it will ever be for you. If you keep that opinion, you’ll miss the obvious truth that you’re sitting on a well of untapped creative energy. You’ll benefit profoundly from sizing up your relationship to your inspiration, and noticing what you do with it when it arrives. That relationship feels stressed, as if the ideas you entertain are more of a fancy notion than something you can reduce to a practical plan of action. What you may not be remembering is that everyone who already knows how to do something learned how from someone, and then turned that knowledge into experience. This takes consistency and dedication, and more than anything, willingness to learn.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) Suddenly you understand something that seemed impossible to sort out just a few days ago. That something would be your own feelings, which were mired in conflicting internal viewpoints and moreover, a sense of self-reproach. If there is anything you’re not forgiving yourself for, now would be the time. You seem to be working through this issue in layers. The last phase involves coming face to face with the part of you that both judges you and is stuck in the past. Whatever you hold in your mind is an idea, and all ideas are subject to change. What you may not have figured out yet is that you are an idea, though throughout your life many people have tried to have a hand in shaping you. It’s time to value your own opinion about yourself above all others.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) We hear the word “proactive” a lot, and today is a good day to talk about what it means. Simply: setting up the present so that you increase the likelihood of the future that you want. Opportunities are opening up with this weekend’s Full Moon, and your job is to remove from your path any obstacle that you can perceive. Look straight at the future you want to create. Be bold and tell yourself what it is, going further than describing it in general terms. What comes your way will surprise you and is outside the scope of my vision, but it’s clear that doors you didn’t even know existed will be opening; contacts you make now can lead you far and wide. Maintain your optimism, do your small part, and recognize a gift when you see it.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) In an odd and unexpected way, your fears will provide you with vital information. This is rarely

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) Though much remains unresolved, one especially difficult point of confusion suddenly worked itself out this week. The added challenge is that you may be looking at what feels like too many options, and relationships you don’t understand. Meanwhile, the most exciting and positive opportunity seems like the most daunting, and the one that will jolt you out of your old tendencies. I suggest you look at every decision you make for the next few months as a point of no return, and consider every chance a once-in-a- lifetime offer. Things have not been moving too quickly for you; they have been moving far too slowly. The main thing that’s been hanging you up is your own idea of who you are. That is about to change fast, and I suggest you go with the flow.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) What if everything in your life, all the improvements you want to make and every issue you’ve identified, hung in the balance on the food that you eat? Any nutritionist would tell you this is true every day of your life, but your astrology says it’s something to consider now. Whether you’re considering how to advance your professional goals or your emotional state (which are related), or how to make your relationship a better place, think food. More to the point, think differently than the food your parents taught you to eat. They didn’t know everything, and a lot has changed since you were a kid. You’re older and you can’t live on your old diet of ramen and ghetto pasta. You need actual flavor and nourishment.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) Family or community matters seem to be occupying more bandwidth than they deserve. Yet over the next few weeks as matters begin to work themselves out, you’ll likely agree that it was worth the time and effort. What you’ve accomplished over the past four or five months will help you ensure that you proceed into some truly exciting, challenging times with a clear head. While you may feel responsible for your family and tend to take on responsibility for groups of all kinds, you (thankfully) have a limited leadership role. At the least, you have learned to share responsibility and learned how to tell others they need to look after their own affairs, and look after one another. The key will be heading into the future with no guilt that you’ve promised yourself to take on less of their stuff.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) The primary skill you must bring to your

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professional activities involves public relations. You have invested your labor, your ideas and your time. Now you need to present yourself to those who have the power to make a difference. For anyone oriented on doing quality work, the process of presenting that work comes with its own challenges. Despite its blustery reputation, Sagittarius faces many of the same challenges the rest of us do when it comes to advancing their own cause. But you do love a challenge, and currently it involves having faith in the quality and value of what you are achieving. The public relations phase is, for you, the harvest phase. I propose, though, that you’ll have a pleasant surprise when you get into the groove: a lot of new ideas coming from the people you talk to.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You need to live with the tension for just a few more weeks. Mercury has stationed direct and the Full Moon is about to pass; many people will feel better as these events take hold. In terms of direct results, Aquarius is on a bit of a time delay; as we anticipate Jupiter and other planets stationing direct in your birth sign. Before that happens, I suggest you conduct all your conversations with the utmost care and awareness. People who say casual things to you will reveal profound insights into your life. They will spark off inner processes that get you asking the right questions, and provide a mirror for your most difficult-to-see issues. Note all these things carefully. When your life goes into overdrive in a few weeks, you will be very pleased to have this information.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) Be on the lookout for a revelation that will greatly advance your long-term goals. You might discover something that was hidden, or come up with an entirely new idea. Indeed, if there was ever a weekend to draw up the 10-year plan for your life, this is the one. Remember, plans are a sketch that gets you thinking; a space to explore the possibilities; a space to stretch into territory not exclusively defined by what was possible in the past. That is the best value of plans: something to aim for, but not to be trapped within. Once you have a sketch (one page in length will suffice) you can ask yourself if it works for you, and adjust accordingly. But these will not be ordinary plans; rather, something more like channeling your future self.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) The Full Moon in Aries this weekend will light up the horizons of your financial potential. Yet any such awareness really comes from a deeper level, which is learning (in the words of my office manager Chelsea’s Pisces husband TJ) how to feel good about yourself. This is the name of the game, fellow fish. When you feel good about yourself, your life goes well. When you don’t, things tend to slide backwards. When you feel beautiful, you get dates. When you don’t, you’re left wondering why not. For you especially, the heart of your cosmic mission needs to start with your emotional environment: the feeling- tone of your existence. Eat well, live well, and invest in yourself. The rest will follow.

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