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ask; what is the big picture in expectation not methods, do we

this restoration program, are we have the right resources identified,

and are we interactions able to take

focused on actions and products? Only through will individual scientists working on a large but advantage of team synergy to be resourceful and

these coordinated integral project be proficient.

The scientific approach advocated embraces a closely linked and integrated program of monitoring, research, modeling, and adaptive management. Through monitoring, we can track critical ecosystem parameters and provide baseline data and model parameterization. Through research, we can develop an understanding of the physical and biological process regulating succession, and their underlying causal relationships. Through modeling, we can develop predictive tools to assess system response to change, to hindcast to historical conditions, and to develop, adapt and select management alternatives.

In order to provide extramural oversight to this loose and potentially large team of scientific investigators, an interdisciplinary panel of nationally recognized scientists will be invited to become members of a Department of the Interior chartered, Scientific Peer Review Panel, members of which will have no financial stake or research investment in the project. The review panel's role will be to provide periodic, broad, technical review of the overall research plan and program, individual research project elements of the

program, program priorities and direction and research the panel will have to forego subsequent research as under this program.

results. Members of investigators funded

No one organization has sufficient management control or scientific expertise to independently answer the broad research questions in wetland restoration.

Only through an Review Panel

instrument of the can we expect

Target Restoration Team and Scientific Peer to find a way to make complementary

contributions and encourage synergy in the scientific precedent setting project. Everglades National responsibility for leading deliberations on the HID

enterprise entailed in this Park has the principal restoration planning, for

setting research-restoration goals and for coordinating The Park intends to carry out this responsibility

the by

science programs. encouraging and

developing a collegial and integrated program of research leading to restoration of the Hole-in-the-Donut and a comprehensive understanding of scientific questions underlying the concept(s) of restoration. It will be Park's job to develop this restoration-research-management program, implement it, to adapt it, to make it successful and, perhaps, a paradigm other such programs.

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