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JUNE 2008 IEEE WIE Committee. The IEEE Women in

Engineering Committee (WIEC) consists of 10 voting members appointed by the Board of Directors. The WIEC is responsible for facilitating the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into and the retention of women in engineering programs, enhance the career advancement of women in the profession, and promote IEEE membership and retention of IEEE women members.

  • 2008 WIE Committee Members

Karen Panetta, Chair 2008 Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou (EAB) Irena Atov Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier Joan Carletta

Mary Ellen Randall (MGAB) Lauren Jones Jane Lehr (TAB) Susan Murphy (GOLD) Sule Ozev

WIE Around The World

  • News from IEEE WIE Section

Affinity Groups

Greetings from the WIE! Tune in next month for news and current events of WIE Section Affinity Groups.

  • News from WIE Student

Branch Affinity Groups

Greetings from the WIE! Tune in next month for news and current events of WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups.

View the WIE Liaisons, Regional Coordinators, and Society Coordinators for 2008.

DID YOU KNOW? ……… WIE Affinity Groups

There are two types of WIE Affinity Groups: IEEE Section Affinity Groups and Student Branch Affinity Groups. Find one in your local area below. If there is not a WIE Affinity Group in your local area, consider forming one. Affinity groups provide the opportunity for members to network at a local level. Activities may include guest speakers, workshops and seminars. All members are encouraged to join and participate in their local group activities to promote growth within the WIE. Currently, there over 150 WIE Affinity Groups worldwide.

Region 1 – Northeastern USA Region 2 – Eastern USA Region 3 – Southeastern USA Region 4 - Central USA Region 5 – Southwestern USA Region 6 – Western USA Region 7 – Canada

Region 8 – Europe, Middle Eastern & Africa

Region 9 – Latin America Region 10 – Asia & Pacific


Scholarships, Internships, Grants & Awards For Girls Informative Publications History Women in Engineering Statistics Women in Science/Engineering Societies & Groups Mentoring & Educational Resources National Engineers Week/EWeek Activities

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Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women

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