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JUNE 2008

EXCITED ABOUT WIE? Do you want you to have some fun……..

Maeling Tapp Materials Engineer

Monique Frize Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineer

View more information on Engineer Girl.

Welcome to Nerd Girls Reality Television!

They're "Beauty and the Geek" all in one package! Meet the NERD GIRLS - an impressive team of female engineering students, just one year away from landing top jobs with $70,000 salaries. They turn heads when they enter a room – they're stylish, self-possessed, ambitious and confident. Whether building a solar car or harnessing wind power on a remote island, these girls fully intend to change the planet with their own ingenuity and hard work. NERD GIRLS is coming to reality television and will be a multi-platform broadcast in the United States and abroad. Visit Nerd Girls.

These engineers work every day to solve problems and make the world a better, cleaner, safer place. These women are also actively involved in their communities, raising families, and enjoying all kinds of sports and hobbies.

Turn imagination into reality with a future in engineering! You'll have the power to make a difference!

By becoming an engineer, you can help solve problems that are important to society. You could be controlling and preventing pollution, developing new medicines, creating advanced technologies, even exploring new worlds. You'll have money and job security! You'll be working with other talented people! You'll have lots of options! You'll get to do cool stuff! Engineers will be involved in making all the wonders of the future a reality. Interested? Visit the website below for Engineer Girl at:


Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women

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