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M. D. Anderson will require completion of an acceptance test after the installation of the proposed equipment/software. The acceptance test will involve the achievement of M. D. Anderson’s standard availability and performance goals during a period of thirty consecutive calendar days. Availability on all equipment/software proposed must be at least 99.5% during the period, with availability defined as follows:

AVAILABILITY = 100* (SMO-DT)/ SMO where;

  • SMO= the total scheduled minutes of operation for the equipment/software during the period.

  • DT = the total minutes during the period when the equipment/software is scheduled to be in

operation but is not due to a failure.

Suppliers should be aware that M. D. Anderson has consistently exceeded this goal on the currently installed equipment/software.

The acceptance test will start on the date that the M. D. Anderson receives a written notice form the Supplier that the equipment/software is installed and ready for production, and must be completed within 90 days. If the equipment does not achieve the availability goal during the first thirty days following the installation date, the acceptance test will continue on a day-to-day basis until the goal is achieved for thirty consecutive calendar days.

Should the Supplier, through no fault of M. D. Anderson, be unable to satisfactorily demonstrate his equipment/software capability to perform for thirty consecutive calendar days as mentioned above, M. D. Anderson may cancel the agreement, and all cost incurred during this period and the subsequent removal of equipment and reinstallation of the original equipment shall be borne by the Supplier. Should failure to perform fault-free be due to a non-Supplier item required by M. D. Anderson, then M. D. Anderson may exclude the time required to correct the failure from the acceptance test period.

M. D. Anderson will notify the Supplier, in writing, of the completion of the acceptance test. Failure to complete the acceptance test within 90 days of the installation date will be grounds for acceptance of the installed equipment.

The Supplier shall provide a statement respecting an acceptance test under the terms specified above.


Satisfactory completion of the Warranty Questionnaire listed in Section 5 of the RFP.


Satisfactory completion of the Reference Questionnaire listed in Section 6 of the RFP including a satisfactory reference check.


See Exhibit 2 to the RFP. The purpose of this checklist is to support application owners and stewards in their design and development of a new or significantly upgraded application. The checklist is to be used as a tool to help assess coverage of all appropriate policy, regulatory mandates, and best practices. The checklist will also help to identify issues and areas that are in need of remediation. Any deficiencies identified must be addressed before the application is moved into a production environment. Also provided is a security checklist that should completed as part of the RFP.

Exhibit 1 to the RFP contains an Excel worksheet to submit responses for the following section. Please enclose an electronic copy (compact disc) as well as a hard copy with the proposal offer.

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