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receipt of the RFP. Any equipment proposed shall be of the latest design, system organization, and technology. The Supplier is to provide equipment specifications and pricing.


Software Acceptability

All system and application software proposed and specified as currently available must be demonstrable in a production environment or otherwise be so indicated. The degree of success of the software to meet the requirements outlined in this RFP will be decided by M. D. Anderson. The Respondent is to provide software license, implementation and installation, and maintenance pricing.


Acceptance or Rejection of Proposals

The RFP is not an offer to contract. Acceptance of a proposal neither commits M. D. Anderson to award a contract to any Supplier nor limits M. D. Anderson’s rights to 1) accept or reject any or all proposals in part or whole; 2) request clarification on any specific response, omission, or claim made in a response to the RFP; 3) to further evaluate one or more proposals via additional interviews/presentations, site visits, reference checks, and other additional criteria; and 4) to further negotiate the terms submitted in a proposal, including price, prior to final award of an agreement in order to provide an optimum solution.


Supplier Response Guidelines

In replying to this RFP, Supplier shall make best effort to comply with the guidelines as follows:

  • All statements made regarding the Supplier’s proposed product and capabilities shall be considered as contractual commitments in the event that the Supplier’s system is selected.

  • Follow sections and numbering schema in responding to the items.


  • Supplier shall prepare a response to the RFP with supporting materials and documentation as instructed in Section 15 of the RFP entitled “Submittal Checklist.”

  • Supplier acknowledges that responses received after the proposal closing time and date listed on the RFP cover page will not be considered. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR LATE OR MISDIRECTED SUBMITTALS. Suppliers are encouraged to ask any questions that they may have with regard to the correct submittal of their proposal. Contact numbers are listed on the cover page of this RFP.

Service Levels

Upon award of this RFP and execution of subsequent Agreement, M. D. Anderson may elect to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The primary purpose of creating KPIs is to establish minimal expectations in terms of performance. Such KPIs shall be incorporated into the Agreement and include at a minimum, the measurement of the following:

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Training

  • Service and Support

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