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will be posted on the M. D. Anderson webpage as an addendum to this RFP, no later than 48 hours prior to the RFP closure date and time. Suppliers that cannot email questions should contact Lucia Calzada for alternate submittal instructions.

The timeline listed above entails many activities occurring within a brief period of time. Events listed in bold print are considered essential. Suppliers are cautioned that this RFP process may require multiple Supplier visits to the M. D. Anderson campus and as such, Suppliers may be requested to appear on very short notice. All Suppliers are strongly encouraged to take notice and be prepared to respond appropriately.

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    M. D. Anderson reserves the right to revise this Key Events Schedule and timeline at anytime.

    • B.

      Selection Criteria

    • M.

      D. Anderson has established the following criteria to evaluate responses to this RFP and select the

Supplier that provides the best value to the institution.

    • the reputation of the Supplier and of the Supplier's goods or services;

    • the quality of the Supplier's goods or services;

    • the extent to which the goods or services meet M. D. Anderson needs;

    • the impact on the ability of M. D. Anderson to comply with laws and rules relating to historically underutilized businesses;

    • the total long-term cost to M. D. Anderson of acquiring the Supplier's goods or services; including the Supplier’s ability to provide or arrange service for their goods;

    • the availability of training for M. D. Anderson personnel;

    • the Supplier's Qualifications (i.e., prior experience and references);

    • the Supplier’s proposal, including Supplier’s Specifications and Cost Proposal;

    • evaluation of data available from independent sources such as technical journals, product rating newsletters, and industry analysis; and

    • Supplier’s exceptions, if any, to the terms and conditions as identified in this RFP

  • C.

    Selection Process

This RFP is the first step in a two-step selection process for the selection of the best-valued Supplier to provide and implement an Enterprise Scheduling system at M. D. Anderson. Using the scoring system described herein, each Supplier’s RFP will initially be evaluated, scored, and ranked. Based on these initial rankings, M. D. Anderson will select the two (2) RFP finalists to move forward to the second step of the selection process.

In the second step of the selection process, RFP finalists will be required to provide a formal presentation and product demonstration to M. D. Anderson’s selection committee followed by a question and answer session. This step may be omitted, at the discretion of M. D. Anderson, if Supplier has previously provided a formal presentation and product demonstration to M. D. Anderson’s selection committee during the initial assessment phase.

After the completion of the second step of the selection process, the M. D. Anderson selection committee will select the Supplier that yields the best value to perform the implementation of an Enterprise Scheduling system and award the contract.

M. D. Anderson has formed a selection committee to select the “most qualified” Supplier(s) from the field of respondents. The selection committee is composed of representatives from various M. D. Anderson departments and will base their selection on the content of each respondent’s RFP submittal according to the selection criteria above.

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