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Preparing for the future

New diagnostic tools are keys to patient care & safety

64-SLICE CT, DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY, PET-CT combination, and new capabilities through software in the MRI have all just arrived or are on the immediate horizon for Mid Coast Hospital.

When it comes to preparing for the future, Diagnostic Imaging is constantly reviewing current advancements in the field and evaluating technologies that are appropriate for a community hospital of the stature of Mid Coast.

“Imaging is saving lives every day along with helping to diagnose injuries, and finding the root causes of discomfort, illness, and disease. It is a key source of information to referring physicians.

manner and physician staff is routinely using the system. It is not uncommon to see multiple medical specialists conferring around a PACS workstation.

“We worked hard to choose the right equipment that provides high quality for our patients and physicians.

of use, the way the software works, and service support after it is in- stalled,” Quill says.

The new equipment will be fast and provide amazing resolution. Patients will not have to stay still and hold their breath as long. They will spend much less time in the

Selecting the equipment and working well with the vendor and maintenance group is essential to the effectiveness of our depart- ment,” says Quill.

With all that has happened in the past five years, there are still more exciting

actual CT procedure. This brings the added benefit of allowing for more appointments in the hours that are in greatest demand.

It is for this reason that changing rooms and recovery areas are

See Diagnostics, Page 8

advances coming.

64-slice CT Scanner

Supporting purchase of a 64-slice CT

First Installment!

“It would not be too far a stretch to say that many if not most of the advances in medicine stem from our ability to use powerful diagnostics tools,” says Paul Quill, manager of the Diagnostic Imaging department.

Paul is committed to doing things right as are the radiologists and the technologists in that department. He points to the Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS) which debuted this year after careful study and selection as a “tremendous success.”

PACS enables physicians here and remotely to share images and consult with lightning quick speed. Patient images and reports are now stored electronically on computer and can be accessed by physicians through the internet from any PC.

Patient images are read by radiologists in a much more timely

Quill—along with a technologist, radiologist, cardiologist, and representative of materials manage- ment— will visit Maine Medical Center and Eastern Maine Medical Center to see General Electric and Siemens 64- slice CT scanners in operation. These vendors, along with Phillips, are being considered for the purchase which will take place this year.

“We will be looking at the equipment, its ease

MID COAST HOSPITAL President/CEO Herbert Paris, left, receives a $25,000 “check” from past Mid Coast Hospital Auxiliary President Abigail Manny, the first installment on a $150,000 pledge made by the Auxiliary to fund a new 64-slice CT scanner. A second payment of an additional $10,000 has also been made. The pledge will be paid over a number of years and is the focus of current Auxiliary fundraising efforts.

Photo by Deck Smith

Annual Report 2006


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