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102 Vehicles: Private Transport

Luftwagen Airship(TL6)

Summary: 25.00 displacement ton cylinder streamlined; 45.9 tonnes; kCr 253 Chassis: Gondola: 350 kL cylinder streamlined (17 m long x 5.1 m wide x 5.1 m high); Structure: 1.32 tonnes of fiber laminate, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.13 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 1.00 MW TL5 imp. internal combustion engine; Fuel: 2.50 kL of high-grade hcarb (2.50 tonnes), 20 hours supply Propulsion System: 1.00 MW lighter-than-air; Maximum Speed: 82 km/h loaded, 84 km/h unloaded; Range: 1638 km loaded, 1675 km unloaded; Agility: +3DM (0.1G); Crew & Passengers: Crew roster: pilot; 1 crew station; 4 roomy passenger seats; Sanitary facilities Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: Options: recreation space, wet bar; Safety Features: fire suppression system 2.00 kL of cargo space (1.00 tonnes)

One of the first private airships, the Luftwagen is slower than many private cars. However, to those caught up in the romance of flight, this is a minor consideration compared to the freedom of the open skies.

Mishnak Dirtbike (TL6)

Summary: 0.06 displacement ton open-topped close structure; 825 kg; Cr 8977 Chassis: 840 L open-topped close structure (2.0 m long x 1.5 m wide x 35 cm high); Structure: 120 kg of soft steel, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.02 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 100 kW TL4 internal combustion engine; Fuel: 50.0 L of hydrocarbons (50.0 kg), 5 hours supply Propulsion System: 100 kW wheels with off-road suspension; Maximum Speed: 109 km/h; Range: 545 km; Agility: +1DM (0.2G); Crew: Crew roster: driver; 1 external crew station Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed.

Off-road motorbike racing is very popular with lower-social-standing inhabitants of many worlds. Races are typically run over convoluted courses requiring speed, endurance, and skill to complete.

The Mishnak is an ideal bike for a cross-country race. It is fast, maneuverable, and has excellent off-road handling. This model is stripped down to the bare essentials, which lowers price and increases speed.

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