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102 Vehicles: Private Transport

Seadoo Personal Watercraft(TL7)

Summary: 0.05 displacement ton open-topped wedge; 463 kg; Cr 3939 Chassis: 700 L open-topped wedge (2.8 m long x 1.1 m wide x 70 cm high); Structure: 28.6 kg of fiber laminate, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.13 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 100 kW TL5 imp. internal combustion engine, water-cooled; Fuel: 50.0 L of high-grade hcarb (50.0 kg), 4 hours supply Propulsion System: 100 kW watercraft; Maximum Speed: 58 km/h; Range: 232 km; Agility: +1DM (0.1G) Crew: Crew roster: helmsman; 1 external crew station Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed.

Periodically in favour with the yuppie “outdoorsman”, the Seadoo can frequently be found shattering the silence near fashionable resorts. Utterly useless in anything except calm waters, with virtually no endurance, the Seadoo is nothing more than an expensive toy for those who believe that the great outdoors comes with 200 holovid channels and air conditioning.

Unconfirmed rumours hold that some planets treat the killing of Seadoo operators as public duty rather than murder.

Bograt All Terrain Vehicle (TL8)

Summary: 3.00 displacement ton box; 11.5 tonnes; kCr 24.9 Chassis: 42.0 kL box (5.4 m long x 2.8 m wide x 2.8 m high); Structure: 350 kg of fiber laminate, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.13 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 402 kW TL4 Internal Combustion power plant; Fuel: 1.93 kL of hydrocarbons (1.93 tonnes), 48 hrs supply Propulsion System: 400 kW wheels with off-road suspension; Maximum Speed: 52 km/h; Range: 2514 km; Agility: +3DM (0.1G) Crew & Passengers:</DT> Crew roster: driver; 1 crew station; 6 roomy passenger seats Communications: Subcontinental Radio (100 W, TL8, SmVcl) Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: Options: recreation space, kitchen for 4 simultaneous meals 13.3 kL of cargo space

The Bograt is more of an off-road camper than a true all-terrain vehicle, but ATV sounds better in the ads. Slow but inexpensive, it can carry six in relative comfort, although only four meals can be heated at once. Cargo capacity is 13 kL; plenty of room for supplies, and even enough to carry fuel for an additional seven days of continuous driving. Unloaded maximum speed is close to 100 km/h.

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