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102 Vehicles: Private Transport

Arden Aircar (TL15)

Summary: 1.50 displacement ton box streamlined; 3.51 tonnes; kCr 37.4 Chassis: 21.0 kL box streamlined (4.3 m long x 2.2 m wide x 2.2 m high); Structure: 473 kg of bonded superdense, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.001 cm thick, sealed to 1 atm, 1 armour Performance: 532 kW TL15 fusion plus generator with vacuum radiators; Fuel: 8.15 L of enriched water (8.15 kg), 100 hours supply Propulsion System: 500 kW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power and orbital package; Maximum Speed: 257 km/h loaded, 391 km/h unloaded; Range: 25661 km loaded, 38960 km unloaded; Agility: +2DM (1.0G); Crew & Passengers: Crew roster: pilot; 1 crew station; 4 roomy passenger seats Standard life support; Grav Compensation (1G), Whole vehicle compensated Communications: Orbital Radio (10.00 kW, TL15, SmVcl); Range: 30000 km Sensors: Active Subregional Radar (100 W); Range: 10 km; Resolution: 0.005 mm per km of range Other: Options: entertainment centre, recreation space, wet bar Safety Features: anti-theft system, Roadgrid, 1 emergency wall patch 2.39 kL of cargo space (1.20 tonnes)

The Arden is a fairly typical high-tech mid-range vehicle. It can easily accommodate five adults in comfortable seats; the wet bar and entertainment system help to ease long trips, while the Roadgrid takes care of the flying.

Econobox Aircar (TL15)

Summary: 0.35 displacement ton box; 910 kg; Cr 3168 Chassis: 4.90 kL box (2.6 m long x 1.4 m wide x 1.4 m high); Structure: 55.8 kg of structurecomp, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.04 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 50.0 kW TL15 fusion plus generator; Fuel: 765 mL of enriched water (765 g), 100 hours supply Propulsion System: 50.0 kW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power; Maximum Speed: 99 km/h loaded, 158 km/h unloaded; Range: 9883 km loaded, 15783 km unloaded; Agility: +1DM (1.0G); Crew & Passengers: Crew roster: pilot; 1 crew station; 3 cramped passenger seats Communications: Subregional Radio (1 W, TL15, SmVcl); Range: 10 km Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: Safety Features: Roadgrid 680 L of cargo space (340 kg)

No matter what its brand name, this vehicle is called an “econobox” (or worse) by its owner. The bare minimum of creature comforts helps hold the price down to less than 10% of a luxury aircar. While small, slow, and cramped, the Econobox is cheap enough to be affordable by almost everyone.

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