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102 Vehicles: Cargo Transport

Penguin Cargo Plane (TL6)

Summary: 100.00 displacement ton cylinder airframe; 121 tonnes; MCr 5.57 Chassis: 1400 kL cylinder airframe (27 m long x 8.1 m wide x 8.1 m high, wingspan 50 m); Structure: 6.66 tonnes of light alloy, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.04 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 4x 1.50 MW TL5 imp. internal combustion engines; Fuel: 11.3 kL of high-grade hcarb (11.3 tonnes), 15 hours supply Propulsion System: 6.00 MW aircraft with STOL capability Maximum Speed: 157 km/h loaded, 294 km/h unloaded; Take-Off Speed: 97 km/h loaded, 41 km/h unloaded; Runway Length: 184 m loaded, 22 m unloaded; Take-Off Time: 13 s loaded, 3 s unloaded; Range: 2349 km loaded, 4395 km unloaded; Agility: +3DM (0.2G); Crew & Passengers: Crew roster: pilot, navigator, engineer; 3 crew stations; 3 roomy passenger seats Communications: Subcontinental Radio (10.00 kW, TL6, SmVcl, MilSpec); Range: 300 km Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: 140 kL of cargo space (70.0 tonnes)

Slow and lumbering, the Penguin is a workhorse for low-tech worlds. Hauling up to 70 tonnes of cargo out of short rutted airstrips in the middle of nowhere, Penguins are usually held together with baling wire and good intentions. Limited passenger seating is provided; extra passengers must travel in the cargo hold.

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