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102 Vehicles: Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are present everywhere, and ignored everywhere. The selection of designs in this chapter will lend a bit of background to any Traveller campaign.

Weland Tinker’s Cart (TL1)

Summary: 0.20 displacement ton box; 9.53 tonnes; kCr 10.7 Chassis: 2.80 kL box (2.2 m long x 1.1 m wide x 1.1 m high); Structure: 115 kg of heavy wood, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.30 cm thick, 0 armour rating Performance: 40.0 kW TL0 draft animals; Fuel: grazing Propulsion System: 40.0 kW wheels; Maximum Speed: 3 km/h loaded, 3 km/h unloaded; Agility: +1DM (0.0G) Crew: Crew roster: driver; 1 external crew station Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: 1.0 m3 of lab space; 1.34 kL of cargo space (669 kg)

Low tech worlds still depend on technology, and the people who keep it functioning. A housewife who’s pot has sprung a leak cannot repair it on her own; a farmer with a broken plowshare needs a blacksmith to weld the pieces together. Small settlements cannot support dedicated workers, and so rely on travelling technicians.

The Weland tinker’s cart is simply an enclosed box containing a small workshop and space for personal effects. The driver’s seat is outside, sheltered from the elements by a small awning. The cart isn't fast, but neither is the pace of life.

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