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101 Vehicles

Just looking for something to do? This BITS Traveller supplement help referees survive those gaming sessions where things just aren't going the way they thought they would…

  • Patrons. A common source of adventure, patrons always need someone to do their dirty work for them and they're usually willing to pay.

  • Introductions. Those little tie-ins which bring your players into contact with useful organisations and people.

  • Job Advertisements. The notices in the starport bar - whether it's just a few days' cash or a dodgy job needs doing.

  • Red Herrings. More notices, but perhaps not so profitable!

  • Information. Sometimes notices aren't for jobs but can still be a mine of information.

  • Personals. With plenty of potential to confuse, distract, and perhaps amuse.

  • Gimmicks. Devices, gadgets, whizz-bangs, what-nots, or whose-a-ma-jiggers that appeal to players for their novelty, potential worth, or just usefulness.

Order Code 101P: 101 Plots A5, 40 pages, colour cover.

They hand over the ticket…

  • they step aboard, their luggage is stored in the hold, and a week goes by as the

merchant ship carries them through jumpspace to the next planet. But…

Who are these interstellar travellers? Hijackers or Smugglers? Should the crew be watching their every move? Or is one of the passengers a customs inspector— watching the crew? This BITS Traveller supplement provides 101 pregenerated characters (or groups of NPCs) - passengers who may book passage on the players’ ship or be encountered on other ships.

  • Each traveller is described using the standard Traveller statistics (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) and career, rank, race, sex, age and a list of their skills, cash and special equipment/luggage.

  • A brief description of their initial appearance is given, followed by a detailed background including their reason for travelling between the stars—from touring pop stars to secret agents.

  • Each traveller has suggestions for how they may be used as patrons, links to adventures, as a source of useful information or skills, or perhaps just as an amusement/annoyance!

Order Code 101T: 101 Travellers, A5, 44 pages, colour cover.

We’ll meet at, er, well, a bar? Which bar? Er… Your players encounter new worlds, alien peoples, high tech wonders, but usually the starport bar has about as much background as a cardboard cut-out, and the characters within it are just as wooden. This Traveller supplement from BITS provides 101 stimulating locations, from the Yellow Crucible Night Club to the Rewint Animalzone, offering services from taxis (Itzjuscumin) to security (ViProtect).

  • Every rendezvous is given a likely location within a town or starport, with a description of the building, outside and in

  • Specific details of the facilities and operation are given, including the costs for entrance, accommodation, dining, etc.

  • Each location has a description of the most notable character(s) associated with it, including whatever dark secrets they may be hiding behind their doors.

  • Each entry also play options which you may wish to exploit (including how to play the NPCs and suggested adventure plot ideas).

Order Code 101R: 101 Rendezvous, A5, 44 pages, colour cover.

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