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102 Vehicles: Specialized Vehicles

Merrick Trawler (TL5)

Summary: 3.00 displacement ton wedge; 24.4 tonnes; kCr 80.9 Chassis: 42.0 kL wedge (10 m long x 4.3 m wide x 2.8 m high); Structure: 1.75 tonnes of soft steel, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.02 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 1.00 MW TL4 internal combustion engine, water-cooled; Fuel: 6.01 kL of hydrocarbons (6.01 tonnes), 60 hours supply Propulsion System: 1.00 MW watercraft; Maximum Speed: 11 km/h loaded, 16 km/h unloaded; Range: 664 km loaded, 963 km unloaded; Agility: +3DM (0.0G); Crew: Crew roster: helmsman, 5 deckhands; 6 crew stations Communications: Regional Radio (10 W, TL5, SmVcl, DirAnt, DirFnd); Range: 30 km Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: Construction Equipment: crane can lift 5.00 tonnes 21.8 kL of cargo space (10.9 tonnes)

Aquatic environments provide a good source of protein on most worlds. At low population densities gathering is more economical and less labour-intensive than farming. Vessels like the Merrick are commonly encountered within a day of their home port, steaming slowly through the seas trailing their nets.

No refrigeration equipment is installed, thus the trawler must reach a factory before too many days have passed.

Tabaguchi Bulldozer (TL5)

Summary: 0.75 displacement ton open-topped box; 3.92 tonnes; kCr 102 Chassis: 10.5 kL open-topped box (3.4 m long x 1.8 m wide x 1.8 m high); Structure: 556 kg of soft steel, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.20 cm thick, 2 armour rating Performance: 102 kW TL4 internal combustion engine; Fuel: 152 L of hydrocarbons (152 kg), 15 hours supply Propulsion System: 100 kW tracks with wide treads; Maximum Speed: 18 km/h; Range: 275 km; Agility: +3DM (0.0G); Crew: Crew roster: driver; 1 crew station Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: Construction Equipment: blade can move 100 kL per hour

An utterly bare-bones design, the Tabaguchi construction site.

bulldozer is a common feature at every

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