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102 Vehicles: Private Transport

Private Transport

Most vehicles are owned by individuals. From primitive boats to high-tech gravcars, this section contains a wide variety of vehicles, with purposes ranging from urban commuting to wilderness recreation.

Shalu Skiff (TL2)

Summary: 1.00 displacement ton open-topped wedge; 5.56 tonnes; kCr 20.2 Chassis: 14.0 kL open-topped wedge (7.5 m long x 2.10 m wide x 1.9 m high); Structure: 421 kg of heavy wood, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.30 cm thick, 0 armour rating Performance: 300 kW TL1 sail Propulsion System: 300 kW watercraft; Maximum Speed: 7 km/h loaded, 12 km/h unloaded; Range: 0 km; Agility: +3DM (0.0G); Crew & Passengers: Crew roster: helmsman; 1 crew station; 6 cramped passenger seats Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: 4.27 kL of cargo space (2.14 tonnes)

Most cultures living near water quickly learn to use it for fast, easy transport. The Shalu skiff is a typical utility craft, capable of transporting mix of passengers and cargo for short distances in relatively sheltered waters. Virtually the entire cost of the skiff is its sail. In an emergency, the owner will rescue the sail and let the hull sink.

Aurens Motorbike (TL5)

Summary: 0.10 displacement ton open-topped close structure; 1.38 tonnes; kCr 23.9 Chassis: 1.40 kL open-topped close structure (2.4 m long x 1.8 m wide x 41 cm high); Structure: 112 kg of hard steel, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.010 cm thick, 1 armour rating Performance: 200 kW TL5 imp. internal combustion engine; Fuel: 200 L of high-grade hcarb (200 kg), 8 hours supply Propulsion System: 200 kW wheels; Maximum Speed: 117 km/h loaded, 119 km/h unloaded; Range: 938 km loaded, 954 km unloaded; Agility: +1DM (0.1G); Crew: Crew roster: driver; 1 external crew station Communications: No communicators installed. Sensors: No sensors installed. Other: 45.2 L of cargo space (22.6 kg)

Humans, especially adolescent males, have a burning desire for speed at any cost. The Aurens motorbike is targeted at that market. Bare-bones, with not even a windscreen for comfort, the Aurens provides an intimate acquaintance with speed, as well as hours of enjoyment tinkering with its finicky engine. Curiously, the latter has been an asset rather than a liability: true Aurens riders disdain anyone who can’t field-strip their motorbike!

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