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Accident in Parade of National Convention at Davenport, Enlivened

by Alleged Jealousy Between Two, Ends Fatally - Father Resented Loss of First Place in Line. __________ After a lingering illness of six weeks, Dr. D.D. Palmer, the originator of the so-called chiropractic method of healing, died at his home, No. 420 Vernon avenue, yesterday morning.

Dr. Palmer was injured six weeks ago while attending the national convention of chiropractic, held in Davenport, Iowa, in September. The accident occurred during the parade of the convention members, Dr. Palmer being struck by the automobile driven by his son, Dr. B.T. Palmer, who is the present head of the Davenport College of

Chiropractic, the school founded by his father.

Dr. Palmer was

always very proud of the college, but owing to an estrangement between father and son, which occurred ten years ago, Dr. Palmer Sr. has of late years devoted himself to the Los Angeles college.

During the convention in Davenport last September, Dr. Palmer is said to have resented very bitterly the fact that his son had been assigned first place in the street parade and refused to ride in one of the automobiles following the one occupied by his son. While the parade was in progress the elder man stepped out in front of the line and was accidentally struck in the back by his son’s automobile. The shock proved too much for one of his age and he never regained his strength.

Dr. Palmer has been a resident of Los Angeles for the past two years, coming here from Portland, Or. He was 69 years of age.

The funeral services will be conducted from the Pierce Brothers undertaking parlors, Wednesday at 10 o’clock a.m.

Dr. Palmer leaves a widow in this city and a son and a daughter in the East.

1913 (Nov 1): Fountain Head News (2[38]:1) reports: D.D. PALMER IS DEAD LONG LIVE D.D. PALMER The troubles are now buried; they exist only in memory. The things good come to the front. His flesh no more is animated by spirit; but, long live the spirit. He gave birth to Chiropractic. It did not die with him. He gave it to you and I to carry on. His spirit passed on Oct. 20th, 1913 at 8 a.m. His age was 68. The funeral was held Oct. 22nd, 1913. On that day The P.S.C. held an Honor service. The speakers were S.H. Weed, D.D., who named "Chiropractic", L.H. Nutting, more generally known as "Uncle Howard" to our profession and C.H. Murphy an attorney of this city. All these men knew D.D. Palmer most intimately. Nor more appropriate speakers could have been found who knew most about the early and late struggles of D.D. Palmer and Chiropractic. Following the euologies, school was dismissed for the day and "Old Glory" flew at half-mast for the day. Let it be said to the credit of the D.C.C. that their student body was our guests and they too closed school out of respect. And, lest we forget, several U.C.C. boys were with us and their school, I understand was closed also. The minutes of the meeting were reported and will be published in full in a coming issue of THE CHIROPRACTOR. Let us all bow our heads for a minute and give more than a passing thot for he who gave the world Chiropractic. I would say more, but I can't. I desire to utter my heart-throbs but my mind refuses to work. I trust you will pardon the briefness



and lateness of this notice; for, tho we had our viewpoints, he was our Father.

1922: according toThe Scientific Chiropractor 1938 (Feb);

3[12]: 7

  • -

    photo and obituary for Benson S. Bullis, M.D

., D.C., notes he

was 87, would have been 88 on May 24, 1938; claims Bullis was "the oldest practicing person of his profession in the United States" and:

A native of Canada, he came to the United States at the age of 14 to enlist in the Union Army during the Civil War. His application was rejected because of his youth.

At 20 he married and later enrolled at a Kingston, Ontario, college. After winning a license for both medical and drugless practices, he became associated with Dr. D.D. Palmer in the development of chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Bullis established residence in Hayward in 1922, maintaining a practice both here and in Oakland.

He leaves his widow, Mrs. Sarah B. Bullis, and five children; Benson F. Bullis and Mrs. Margaret B. Carleton of Englewood; George H. Bullis of medford, Ore.; Mrs. Grace E. Adams of Glendale; and Fred R. Bullis of Omaha. Two other children, Mrs. Hattie R. Deper and Dr. Zelora H. Bullis have passed away.

1924 (Jan): Albert Abrams MD (of Electronic Reactions and radionics) dies (Booth, 1924, p. 693)

1924 (Jan): Chirogram reports:

  • -

    notes death of Albert Abrams MD due to pneumonia (p. 4)

1924 (June): Chirogram, now published by LACC, reports:

  • -

    notes death of Harry Ellington Brook, ND, editor of a column in the Los Angeles Sunday Times called "The Care of the Body"

    • (p.


1924: The Vertebra ("Volume II, published by the Senior Class, 1924, New York College of Chiropractic") is the yearbook of the New York School of Chiropractic at 360 West 125th St., NYC (in my Adler file); includes

  • -

    Wolf Adler authors obituary for (pp. 22-3): Dr. John Notman Wilkie... Dr. John Notman Wilkie, Born in Carlton Place, Ontario, Canada, April 10th 1869, passed from us to his last resting place January 24th, 1924... Dr. Wilkie came to the United States in his early youth. He was graduated from the Long Island College Hospital in 1901, and prior to his active practice was an interne at that hospital for several years... He was a member of the Kings County Medical Society, the Alpha Kappa Fraternity, New York Chiropractic Association, Chiropractic Square Club, etc... The story how he became a Chiropractor after many years of successful medical practice is too well known to his students and many friends... He was a teacher at the New York College of Chiropractic for the past six years - teaching Chiropractic Symptomatology and Diagnosis.

1927 (Aug): The Hawkeye Chiropractor [2(9)] includes:

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    “In memorium” (p. 6):

Monmouth, Ill., Aug. 1 – Rev. S.H. Weed, A.B., A.M., B.D., who died here the past week at the age of 84, will be mourned by

Chiropractors because it was


While talking

Davenport, who

originated the

he who suggested the with the late Dr. D.D. new science, Rev. Weed

name of Palmer of suggested

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