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his ever active brain and his command of English. Ever a staunch friend and a fearless opponent, he was respected wherever he traveled.

He fought continuously for truth, individual freedom and intellectual honesty. His ability to use our language in the most vitreolic manner possible made him a debating adversary to be respected and even feared. However, his gentlemanly manner and refinement never allowed him to be unnecessarily unkind. To his friends he was all that word “friend” could ever mean.

Each of us in the Chiropractic profession, whether we have ever had the privilege and pleasure of having met Dr. W.A. Budden, have had our Chiropractic lives affected by him, since our educational status was, in no small measure designed by him and pushed towards completion by the strength of his character and wisdom. Many of the bills passed in the legislatures of the States are the products of his

fertile mind. advancement.

They in turn have had a bearing upon our own

The influence exerted by this unparalleled individual in our profession will be long felt in the United States and Canada.

To his wife, Kathryn, his ever present companion and supporter, goes our deepest sympathy, for her life has lost much of its meaning with the passing of Dr. W.A. Budden, since he had no greater admirer than his own wife…

1954: (In memoriam, 1975) notes: CB Von Herzen, of Los Angeles, passed away after a brief illness. An attorney of note, Von Herzen was legal counsel for the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic since 1954. He was deeply involved in LACC's organizational period, and in the amalgamation of several schools that gave rise to the Los Angeles College. Mr. Von Herzen was also, for over 30 years, legal representative in California for the National Chiropractic Association, later the American Chiropractic Association, and also of the National Chiropractic Insurance Company.

1955 (Jan): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [9(7)] includes:

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    “E.B. Simmons Dies” (p. 24):

Just before press time the REVIEW received word that E.B. Simmons, Esq., legal counsel for Simmons-Service and the Texas State

Chiropractic Association, held in San Antonio on immediately available.

had passed away. December 23rd.

Funeral services were Other details were not

1955 (Mar): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [9(9)] includes:

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    “Deaths: Clifford Chandler, D.C. (p. 25):

Dr. Clifford C. Chandler, 62, of Terra Haute, Ind., died recently. He practiced in Terra Haute 33 years, and formerly was an instructor at Palmer School of Chiropractic. – ACP.

1955 (June): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [9(12)] includes:

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    “Obituaries” (p. 20) includes:

    • J.


Dr. J. Fred Brewer, 60, of Davenport, Ia., died March 31 after a lengthy illness. A high school teacher before he studied chiropractic, h e w a s a P S C g r a d u a t e , a n d a l s o d i d g r a d u a t e s t u d y a t L o g a n B a s i c He was a member of Davenport Masonic Lodge 37, the College.

Kaaba Shrine, and also was a past president of the Davenport Lions Club and a district governor for that organization. AT one time he



was a PSC instructor, and for many years Dr. Brewer and his wife served in the PSC sales room.

1955 (Aug): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [10(2)] includes:

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    “Obituaries” (p. 24) includes:

MARGARET E. KABANA, D.C., Ph.C., 58, of St. Petersburg, Fla., died on July 4. A native of Budapest, Hungary, she came to this country 54 years ago. After she graduated from PSC she practiced in Chicago from July, 1920, to October, 1944. She had practiced in St. Petersburg for 10 years. She was made a member emeritus of the International Chiropractors Association, having been an active member of the organization for at least 15 consecutive years. With the exception of two years, she had attended every Lyceum since 1920. She also was a member of Sigma Phi Chi Sorority, Eastern Star and the White Shrine of Chicago, the Ladies Shrine of St. Petersburg, and was a Rainbow Mother. Survivors include her husband, Dr. A. Fred Kabana, and a daughter, Dr. Palmera Kabana…

FREDERICK G. PROEHL, D.C., 38, of Fond du Lac, Wis., died June 11 from injuries incurred in an auto accident. He was a graduate of the Logan School of Chiropractic, and a member of the Wisconsin Chiropractors Association and the International Chiropractors Association. He had practice in Fond du Lac since 1950.

1955 (Nov): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [10(5)] includes:

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    “Obituaries” (p. 25) includes:

JOSEPH N. SHIPLEY, D.C., 78, of Erie, Pa., died September 13, after a lengthy chiropractic career. A graduate of the Palmer School of Chiropractic, he had practiced at Erie for more than 25 years, together with his wife, Dr. Alice M. Shipley. Both retired from active practice

five years ago.

He was a member of the Elks, the Pennsylvania

Chiropractic Society, the Erie County Chiropractic Society and the International Chiropractors Association. Survivors include his wife and two sons, Dr. Alan E. Shipley, an orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Joseph Shipley, a chiropractor…

ALBERT FRUTIGER, D.C., 82, of Lansing, Ia., died September 5 of a heart attack. He was born in Switzerland and attended the Palmer School of Chiropractic.

1955 (Dec): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [10(6)] includes:

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    “Obituaries” (p. 28) includes:

    • C.

      E. MESSENGER, D.C., 69, of Calgary, Alberta, Can., died

recently. A Palmer graduate, he ha dpracticed in Calgary since 1916…

CORRECTION Gottfried Frutiger, D.C., 82, of Langsing, Iowa, died on September 5, instead of Dr. Albert Frutiger, as reported in last month’s obituary column.

1956 (Jan): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [10(7)] includes:

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    “Obituaries” (p. 24) includes:

    • JOSEPH H. SEWING, D.C., 64, of St. Louis, Mo., died November 8 of coronary thrombosis. He had practiced at St. Louis for more than 30 years…

1956 (Feb): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [10(8)] includes:

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    “Obituary statistics” (p. 32) from the ICA Review

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