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1961 (May/June): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [3(6)] includes:

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    “In memoriam: Bartlett Joshua Palmer, September 10, 1881

May 27, 1961” (p. 22):

Bartlett Joshua Palmer – simply “B.J.” to so many friends – is dead, but the memory of his great work as “the developer of Chiropractic” is destined to live on eternally.

B.J. Palmer, who was to gain fame as a chiropractor, lecturer, educator, world traveler, and owner and head of the Palmer School of Chiropractic at Davenport, Ia., was born Sept. 10, 1881, in Keokuk County. He was the son of Daniel David Palmer, “the discoverer of Chiropractic,” and Elvira Palmer, daughter of a Louisiana planter.

Young B.J. was taken to Davenport at the age of four, in 1885. His father, a man of wide reading, had successively been a bee raiser, school teacher and storekeeper before becoming a magnetic healer in Burlington. He opened an office in Davenport in 1890 and began to teach magnetic healing.

It was here, in 1895, that the science of Chiropractic was born. D.D., in treating a man suffering from impaired hearing, discovered a misaligned vertebra. When it was put back in its normal place by adjustment, the man’s hearing showed decided improvement. D.D. Palmer was greatly impressed by this remarkable event and he did such research into the possibilities of much adjustments of the spine. But it was left to the son, B.J., to develop the procedures which were to help win recognition for Chiropractic as a truly scientific method of healing with worldwide recognition today.

By the time B.J. was 17, he had learned the basic principles of Chiropractic from his father and entered the field himself as a practitioner and teacher. At this time there were about 300 students of the Palmer ideas.

B.J., himself, was graduated in Chiropractic in 1903 – at the age of 22 – and setout in the fashion of the day “to make his own fortune.”

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