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    "In memoriam: Dr. Emmett J. Murphy passes, April 13" by Maurice L. Hollod DC, ACA delegate from Washington DC; includes photo of Murphy (p. 14): EMMETT J. MURPHY, D.C., 1902-1965 Dr. Emmett J. Murphy is dead. He died peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday, 6:30 a.m. April 13, surrounded by his beloved wife Frances and his family. The last months of his lingering illness were marked by a calm stoicism and courage, typical of his entire life. The measure of the man was made manifest by the tremendous outpouring of friends, acquaintances and those in high office in Labor and Government who came to pay tribute to a man whom they respected and held in great affection and esteem. May his beloved wife Frances find solace in the memory of a man beloved by all and who stands resplendent before his Maker in the good he did in life. The victories he won on behalf of chiropactic are legion. Chiropractic has lost a great champion. His passing doth indeed diminish us all, for none can replace him in his ardor, love and accomplishment in behalf of a profession that was part of his very

fiber for some forty years. passed through Washington in

The thousands the course of his

of chiropractors who service to chiropractic















hospitality of


and received


professional advice and help shall never forget him.

May the legacy of his undaunted courage spur us onward in his

name toward the realization of all those objectives for which so much and dreamed so ardently to attain. That would greatest memorial to one of the truly greats of chiropractic.

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    photo of Clarence Weiant (p. 39) and (pp. 39-40):

he gave be our

NEW YORK Chiropractic Institute of N.Y. Honors Memory of Dr. Benjamin A. Sauer and Dr. Charles H. Clark The Alumni Association of the Chiropractic Institute of New York and its auxiliary honored the memory of one of the giants in chiropractic on Sunday, March 14, 1965. The first Benjamin A. Sauer Memorial lecture was delivered by Dr. C. Wolsey Weiant whose subject was "Progress in Chiropractic." Dr. Weiant's lecture dealt with the increased recognition accorded chiropractic in scientific circles and stressed the necessity of enlarging our vision and activity in communicating the importance of basic princciples in chiropractic to men of education and science.

Dr. Benjamin A. Sauer was one of several loyal individuals who contributed outstanding services to the profession, particularly in connection with legislative representation at the state capitol in

Albany, century.

N.Y., where he was He also served as

active for executive

Chiropractic Association and was honored

more than a quarter of a secretary of the National by being awarded the only

life membership in that organization.

In the latter part of his life, Dr. Sauer became actively associated with the Republican Party in New York, served as a member of the Common Council of the City of Syracuse and at the time of his death was Majority Leader.

Dr. Sauer passed away in 1959. Dr. Charles H. Clark served with great distinction in chiropractic organizations, notably as the state president of the Federation of Chiropractors of New York, Inc. and on many committees both in the state and district associations.

He was a minister in the Church of God and executive secretary of the General Assembly of the Church of God in the Northeast. He passed away on October 19, 1964.

Tablets in bronze on the Memorial Plaque at the Institute will always recall the outstanding services rendered by these two fine



chiropractors in advancing the objectives of the chiropractic profession in the state and nation.

The Dedicatory Address was rendered by Dr. Sol Goldschmidt, Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Institute.

Dr. Joseph R. Mernick, Alumni Association President, presided. - Dr. Sol Goldschmidt, D.C.

1965 (July): ACA Journal of Chiropractic [2(7)] includes:

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    “Dr. L.P. Rehberger passes on” (p. 58): It is with deep regret and sorrow that we report the sudden and untimely death of Dr. L.P. Rehberger of Highland, Illinois, on Wednesday, May 19, 1965. Dr. L.P. Rehberger, Chiropractor in Highland since 1939, was born in Lebanon on September 30, 1916. He had reached the age of 48 years, 7 months, and 19 days. He married Charline Virgin in Lebanon on March 1, 1941. She survives with two sons, James and David, both at home. Dr. Rehberger graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic at Davenport, Iowa, and was a past graduate of Missouri Chiropractic College and National College. Dr. Rehberger spoke at numerous state and national meetings on X-ray procedure and interpretation, and wrote many articles on this subject.

In 1952 he was appointed to the board of the Illinois Medical Examining Commission of which he was still a member. He was also an examiner and board member of the American Council of Chiropractic Roentgenologists, and held a national certification in that field.

In 1960 he was honored by being named Chiropractor of the Year in Illinois.

In 1963 he was elected President pro tem of the American Council on Chiropractic Technique of the American Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Rehberger will not only be missed by his family, relatives, and patients, but by the entire chiropractic profession. – By Dr. H.T. Virgin, D.C.

1965 (Aug): Chirogram [22(2)] includes:

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    Robert O. McClintock DC writes obituary for Willard W. Percy DC; born 1904 in OR, died 65/07/01 in Oakland; December 1935 graduate of the CCC who was licensed in Feb 1936; appointed to CA BCE in Jan 1944 by Gov Earl Warren; reappointed 46/02/11 and 49/02/10; served 8 yrs as Sec’y of BCE; president of the Oakland Breakfast Club; survived by wife Edna, son, daughter, grandchild

1965 (Sept): CINY Report [6(6)] includes:

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    "In memoriam: Francis F. Hirsch DC" includes photo of Dr.

Hirsch (p. 8)

1966 (Jan): ACA Journal of Chiropractic [3(1)] includes:

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    LM Rogers DC’s obit for Cooley (p. 56): Dr. C. Sterling Cooley Passes On One of the profession’s most prominent pioneers. Dr. C. Sterling Cooley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he had practiced since 1914, died at the age of 75 on November 24, 1965. “Sterling” was all that the name implies, as his many friends throughout the nation can attest. He knew that to have friends, you had to be one - and he measured up in all respects. He was graduated from the D.D. Palmer Chiropractic College in 1908, and thus was among the earliest pioneers to follow in the footsteps of “the Old Master,” whom he eulogized on every occasion.

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